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The Marx Brothers return to form in At the Circus, in which they all work for the same traveling show in some capacity (and so a lot of the action takes place aboard a train), and try to deduce who stole the owner's money so he can give his belle a good life. This time, the romantic leads are pretty watery, and I don't care about them breaking into song. Groucho actually has the better musical numbers - at least they're about things you don't often hear about! So a lot of zany silliness, with the more high-brow showcases of previous films traded in for circus tricks, but a lot of that is highly entertaining, especially the trapeze climax. That's a show stopper for sure! Other fun routines include the one where Chico and Harpo try to get evidence out of a sleeping strongman, and the cigar bit in the little person's cabin.
3 years 9 months ago
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