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Entertaining mindless action following action in this overstuffed movie with a lot of characters wasted or acting different than in previous movies. It was ok
3 months 1 week ago
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After watching Ragnarok I felt as if I had reached my breaking point with so many different characters, love interests, and exotic locales of the Marvel cinemaverse. This film was pretty much exactly what I needed to somewhat get back into the game. It isn't super complex, and much like the first Avengers movie it tries to stick to a relatively linear plot without too many twists and turns. It's just plain fun.

Going into the film I was curious how they would portray the not-yet-complete Infinity Gauntlet as still being more immensely powerful than anything we've seen yet (especially with all the mystical weapons, tools, and abilities we've seen thus far.) I was pleasantly surprised. They definitely made Thanos a titan to be reckoned with.

That brings me to the best piece of the film and it is none other than the mad titan himself. Looking back we could almost picture him one day making his way onto the scene all the way back when Fury told Stark about the "Avenger initiative," and now he's finally here. The amount of personality and development they managed to give Thanos in this movie is beyond impressive considering the near-ludicrous amount of characters. He's big, and got a great bad guy plan, but yet also a deep character with very real emotions and idiosyncrasies. He easily outshines the rest of the crew.

In summary, not as good as the first Avengers but I'd wager it's much better than the bloated Age of Ultron.
9 months ago
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Finally an Avengers film with consequences. way better than the previous installments.
9 months 2 weeks ago
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LOL! All those IMDB lists really have lost all their significance. This film is in 9 lists and ranks #56 in the best movies of all time? I mean it was acceptable as mindless entertainment, a couple of jokes were funny, but among the very best films humankind has created? Those IMDB lists really have fallen.
1 year ago
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Give me that infinity stone or I will kill your partner, the movie.
1 year ago
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I really expected to not like this because I’ve been experiencing Marvel fatigue for quite some time... however it is exceptional and possibly my favourite superhero movie to date.

DC take note, the CGI in this type of movie is everything and Marvel is faultless in this area. Add in the easy punchy comedy aspects to dispel the seriousness of the plot arcs and it just works so well.

Kudos Marvel, a fine achievement
1 year ago
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So much potential. Such an unutterably boring result. I'd like 2h 23mins of my life back, please.
1 year 4 months ago
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For even in death, you have become Children of Thanos.


Me and superheroes. We have a kind of love-hate relationship. One moment I’m really enjoying the character or the story. At that time jealousy bubbles up and I wished I had those specific powers in my daily life. And sometimes I have absolutely no feelings about the superhero or I find the story not so fascinating. I surely can enjoy a Hulk movie because of the devastating power this superhero possesses. From “Spiderman“, I like that youthful enthusiasm that Peter Parker radiates when discovering his new power. And in “The Guardians of the Galaxy“, I appreciated the humor. Finally, “Deadpool” and “Ant-man” were refreshing. But when I watched “Thor: Ragnarok“, I simply fell asleep. “Avengers: Age of Ultron” I found so terribly confusing. After 20 minutes I no longer understood what it was about. And the whole “X-men” universe left me indifferent because of the lack of affinity I have with this club. It will be due to my not so great interest in superheroism. And every time, I come to the conclusion that all those superheroes are connected in one way or another, which makes it look like a web of facts and events.

But “Avengers: Infinity war” was entertaining. First of all, because a large part of the Marvel clan appears in it. It’s like a grand finale of all Marvel heroes. Together they try to join forces to prevent Thanos (Josh Brolin) from grabbing the six Infinity stones, so he can destroy half of the population in the universe with the snap of a finger. A simplistic idea of this super-villain to make life more pleasant on overcrowded planets. A purple environmental activist. He quickly gets hold of the first stones. However, the other two remaining stones are on Earth and require a little more effort from Thanos because they are surrounded by the remaining superheroes. What follows are sometimes hallucinating-looking battles and superhuman confrontations. As we are used to from the Marvel clan.

I have to admit it. I was able to follow the story without difficulties (and that might have something to do with my age). Usually, the story isn’t so clear for someone without much knowledge about this world of superheroes. You could even call the film exciting. That’s no self-evident fact when it concerns unbeatable superheroes with unprecedented forces who seldom fear to be defeated. And you know they are going to use the well-known trick of resurrecting the seemingly defeated hero. Even though the situation seems hopeless, you can be sure that one of the heroes will put his butt on an intergalactic toilet where, after the necessary superhero-pushing, he’ll produce some super weapon with which they shrink the bad guy to the size of a smurf, such that the universe is again saved from a catastrophe.

To keep things simple, they’ve split the whole into a number of different storylines in different locations where a group of heroes each has their own fish to fry. This ensures a pleasant change and amusing interactions. Personally, I thought the conversations between Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.) at times quite hilarious. Even the inner battle of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) with his character Hulk caused me to chuckle. Only occasionally the coincidence is really laughable. But isn’t this characteristic of such a superhero flick? For example, Hulk is catapulted from an Asgardian spaceship and flies several light years through the universe, after which he lands with an immense smack on earth. And where? Through the roof of Dr. Strange’s house. What a coincidence.

When you think there’s an oversupply of movies with superheroes in a latex suit and that the point of saturation had already been reached, then you can call this film an orgasmic highlight. And hats off to the makers for transforming this heterogeneous mixture of characters into a colorful whole. Certainly not a simple task. And even though I’m not a big supporter of sequels and I’m allergic to anything that smells like serials, I still look forward to the second part of this epic story. I wonder what one has to come up with in order to exceed this. That will be an impossible task. Even for superheroes.

More reviews here
1 year 5 months ago
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The formulaic tradition of an unnecessary, nearly 3 hour film continues. Not as boring as some of them, but still, mediocrity at it's finest.
1 year 5 months ago
chunkylefunga's avatar


Definitely overhyped and for once I agree with the critics.

It's a 6/10 film. Sure it's nice to see everyone together and the special effects are state of the art. But it's literally half a story. This could have been one epic 3.5 hour movie but instead, financial greed got in the way and it's become two bloated movies. Shame really because this could easily have been a 10/10 movie.

Nowhere near as good as Avengers but miles better than Ultron.
1 year 5 months ago
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A manchild's wet dream.
1 year 5 months ago
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Avengers Infinity War is, by necessity perhaps, very plotty. There's a lot of incident to get through, and a lot of characters to service, so while I could personally care less about the Children of Thanos as secondary antagonists for example, I'm not sure how you do the latter without them. And it's a plot that, while it has big stakes, is mostly something that can be (and must be) undone. So it lacked the emotional punch a lot of other MCU movies had, but it may play differently once Part 2 is released and we can look at this Avengers finale as one big story. One of the joys of the film is in seeing certain characters interact for the first time. Iron Man and Dr. Strange (this movie is a better ad for a Dr. Strange 2 than the first Dr. Strange was), Star-Lord and Thor (the Guardians with anyone from the main MCU really), the female heroes getting together, and so on. The unsung heroes are no doubt the editing team, because they know when to slow down for comedic beats, and manage to keep the momentum going in multiple third arc battle arenas without leaving you exhausted and bored. Infinity War is really Thanos' movie, he's the "hero", and that's really the only way to look at this as a complete movie. From the Avengers' perspective, it's a series of cool moments and super-powered battles. And because we're so invested in the characters from previous films, there's actually nothing wrong with that. A fun, if necessarily interrupted, ride.
1 year 8 months ago
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I freaking love these movies.
1 year 8 months ago
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Christian Corleone

The Avengers > Infinity War > Age of Ultron
1 year 8 months ago
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So many superlatives to praise this movie.
Story wise ... I can only repeat Deadpool's immortal words of wisdom: what in the actual ass!!!
1 year 8 months ago

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