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Amazing cast, beautifully choreographed, lots of fun, but yet the plot (especially in the final act) turns into a bit of a mess.

Definitely a cut above the vast majority of action/heist movies due to it's inventiveness, playfulness, and superb direction, but I couldn't help feel a little underwhelmed at the end after the movie descends into a series of seemingly mindless explosions and shootouts.
2 years ago
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Edgar Wright's long-awaited Baby Driver is a marvel of sound design, using its diagetic soundtrack and sound effects to create the visuals' syntax, with Wright bringing his attention to detail and sense of comic timing to what is this time technically an action drama. The story follows the character of Baby, a precision driver with tinnitus who must listen to music to drown out the noise and has been roped into a rash of burglaries that, as might be expected, go terribly wrong just as he's trying to pull himself out. It occurred to me that while Hollywood movies are credited for inventing, or at least over-using, the car chase, few of them are ever at once interesting and look real (as opposed to both Fast and Furious). It takes Hong Kong directors or Europeans to really hit some high notes with that type of action, it seems. All that to say the car chases in Baby Driver are INSANELY good. And while the plot, though not without its surprises, is simple and even familiar, its interesting characters and technical mastery hardly give you enough time to notice.
2 years ago
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Started out alright and then it just went on and on and on.
1 year 10 months ago
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Great movie. I'd say the cinematography is 10/10. The characters are fun and it's nice to see them interact, though sometimes they lack a little depth or development, but nothing major. The story is solid fun, the final act is missing a bit if humor though.
2 years ago
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Imagine being the kind of person who watches a film like Baby Driver and all they get from it is "some of the plot was a bit familiar”.
1 year 8 months ago
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I really wanted to love this film. I remember seeing the trailer, and that trailer promised everything I enjoy about heist films, plus great music. It looked like Baby Driver would be an updated cheerful cross between True Romance (1993, written by Tarantino) and Drive (2011).

Baby Driver certainly references both, as well as an array of other films, from Singin' in the Rain (1952) to Bonnie and Clyde (1967). One of its first sequences also contains one of the most ingenious car chases I have ever seen on screen. The film's weakness though is that it hardly elevates above an homage. There are occasional brilliant lines, but every character is an amalgamation of other characters you had previously seen in that position. There is an inherent irony to that approach, but there is also the quality of being secondary, referential, original insofar as a collage can be original. Postmodernism gone mad.

Yet, Baby Driver is done with great love and care. It is enjoyable.It has style. It has a great cast. It's not too bad with pacing, although the emotional culmination happens long before the end. My favourite parts of the film were, in no particular order, the shot of three red cars on the highway, Darling, and Baby's adoptive father. Shame none of them were supposed to be of utmost importance. Shame some of the scenes looked like disregarded footage from Lana Del Rey's videos.

When my partner and I looked at each other after the end credits, his face shone with happiness and I said, 'Goddamn'. Goddamn, movie. You were supposed to be it. We had this beautiful date with white wine and oysters, and you stood up, like a gentleman, when I need to leave for the ladies to freshen up my make-up, and your fingers were not sweaty, but warm and reassuring. We look so good together, movie. I love your haircut. I just do not fancy you at all.
2 years ago
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Great cast, it was fun to watch with the exception of the final act, it got tedious at the very ending, BUT none the less is far superior than most of heist movies, loved how they managed to incorporate great music to every scene. Music felt just like another character.
1 year 3 months ago
Jevet D. Lopez's avatar

Jevet D. Lopez

Great modern soundtrack. Funny cause i was getting in the Queen's first years and when Brighton Rock appeared, I just started snapping my fingers.

The cinematography is pretty well done, but the plot could be more fast and intriguing.

1 year 6 months ago
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Awful. Got worse the longer it went. Dialogue embarrassingly bad. The glowing praise heaped upon this thing is stupefying.
1 year 9 months ago
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1 year 10 months ago
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Really enjoyed this one right up until the final 30 minutes or so, when it completely loses the run of itself in ridiculousness. It went from being an 8.5 to a 6.5.

Unfortunately with that finale, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
1 year 10 months ago
Lumen's avatar


I've got a thousand issues with this movie, but I liked it :p
1 year 11 months ago
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Top-notch sound design. (which was hinted back then in the shaun of the dead when they were defending themselves throwing the blue monday single vinyl away to the zombies like ninja stars) The plot is more or less your average 2000's Guy Ritchie defined heist/crime movie. Nothing more nothing less. Edgar Wright did a nice job on this one but, nothing more special then your average heist movie.
2 years ago
herk mondo's avatar

herk mondo

the story is ok, but the soundtrack is fantastic.
1 year 8 months ago
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So what if Ferris Bueller had turned to a life of crime? We have our answer. Great fun movie.
2 years ago

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