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St. Gloede

Some amazing visuals and great usages of style. The story was definitely a set-back however, and it frequently suffered in the few scenes that were more dialog based. I'd also agree with others that the ending was an extreme let-down.
7 years 9 months ago
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Amazing first hour and a half. Unbelievably lame ending. Seriously? That's your final confrontation? I wasn't asking for some insane Dark City style psychic battle but.....SERIOUSLY???
6 years 9 months ago
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Beyond the Black Rainbow is a trippy, artsy film about a telepathic girl trying to escape a futuristic commune, and at least as much about her captor... or is that really what it's about? More atmosphere than story, I sometimes felt like the fact the female lead was sedated throughout was a cruel joke about what the film was doing to its audience. This one's on a very slow burn, folks. Always interesting to look at (and good sound design too), but otherwise slim. Now, the twist is that it takes place in 1983, well away from the outside world, and the film at least partly wants to pull a Tarantino (who has never done a sci-fi film) and make something that could have come out of that era, though I dare say it feels more like a product of the 70s. Maybe that's why it goes into slasher territory at some point. Regardless, I can't decide if its anti-climax is meant to be cheeky or what. Is the film, in fact, complete masturbation we've been tricked into watching?
4 years 10 months ago
ChrisReynolds's avatar


Like a nightmare in a good way for most of the running time, but the ending is a big let-down.
7 years 10 months ago


Beyond the Black Rainbow is trippy as hell. Incredible photography and production design. I cannot begin to explain or pretend to know what is going on in that film, but the imagery is so striking. The level of detail to recreate 1983 is astounding. I don't think I've ever seen a period film that so nails all the little details of an era. I don't know if I like this film, but I certainly admire the execution on every possible level.a
8 years 9 months ago
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Probably the most hypnotic, visually and acustically (!) down to perfection designed movie of recent times (besides Enter The Void and maybe Upstream Color and Valhalla Rising). The director seriously needs to do more of this - maybe even with a more striking story. (Maybe not.) I wouldn't bother complaining about the ending, as many do, because I was absorbed enough by the imagery of the 90 minutes before. God, I love that soundtrack. The whole thing looks like Lustmord brought to celluloid.
8 years 2 months ago
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Easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen :)
1 year 10 months ago
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Really trippy film.
Great visuals.
Nice evil-Carl-Sagan-alike character.
Also, did you knew they film movies with instagram?
I didn't until now.
Is this hipster sci-fi? Dunno, but i want more.
9 years 4 months ago
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