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    why do they still make trailers that spoil the whole film????
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    I worked at the Naro Expanded Video in Norfolk, Virginia, which was one of the last great independent video rental stores in the country.

    My favorite directors include: Luis Buñuel, George Cukor, Michael Curtiz, Vittorio De Sica, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Quentin Dupieux, Eytan Fox, Todd Haynes,...
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    Natasha Romanoff has never been one of the most interesting Avengers but in this movie she goes from uninteresting to boring. Her three co-stars were way more fun to watch compared to her and it's her fucking movie. The first action scene is fine but all the action after that is boring as shit, particularly the final setpiece. I didn't care at all about the stupid plot and the villains were boring too. I've never read a taskmaster comic book but even I was dissapointed by how he/she was portrayed in the film. The only positive thing in the movie are some scene when the characters are just talking. The movie is basically pointless, all it really does is setting up some character that will hopefully be in good movies after this.
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