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Really bad. It's so obvious that film is dying when something this poor gets so elevated. The Room is a much better film, and it's a designated bad movie.
4 months 1 week ago
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I flipping loved this film! But I agree that it would have been nice to see a bit more development from Farooq to Freddie. Rami Malik was simply Freddie and deserves a bucket load of awards!!
7 months 2 weeks ago
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Malek makes this movie. If you are familiair with the Queen history, you'll find nothing new....except stuff that doesn't match...….but great fun and 2 hours flew by
8 months 3 weeks ago
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I've never been a big fan of Queen, but the good thing is that one doesn't have to be to be able to enjoy this flick. Found it more entertaining than I thought it would be, despite some of it's flaws.
9 months 3 weeks ago
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Anyone who knows me knows that I just don't cry. I have never even cried during a movie (not even E.T.).

Well, we just saw Bohemian Rhapsody and I cried like I haven't cried in as long as I can remember. The memory of the first time I ever heard a Queen song (We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions) and the impact it made on me. The originality and largesse of Live AID. The magnitude and gravity of AIDS in the 80s. The power and magnificence that was the majesty of Freddy Mercury.

No. Purists will never be pleased. Honestly, if you want complete accuracy and every detail shown, there are several terrific documentaries that are available for streaming. For the rest of us, their is Bohemian Rhapsody.
12 months ago
Zolex's avatar


The movie is everything it sought out to be and more. It's nothing short of amazing, and I strongly recommend this to everyone. Prepare to shed a tear or two, because it's one of the most touching movies I've seen in a very long time!
1 year ago
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What a joyful rollicking film replete with a jaw-dropping performance by Rami Malek. I would swear they also found a cryo-preserved body of Brian May from 1970 and thawed him out for this movie.

Yes, it’s still a formulaic music biopic like all others, yes there’s a thinly implied character arc that ties up too neatly, but dammit it’s a great time just the same.

Delightful from start to finish.
4.5 stars out of 5
11 months ago
csarica's avatar


And the Oscar goes to Rami Malek...
11 months 2 weeks ago
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This was a very powerfull movie. I dont know the accuracy of the story but it was entertain. The movement and gestures of the actor were a bit too much.
11 months 3 weeks ago
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Crazy how press critics differ from viewers'. This film is absolutely amazing and I'm glad people get it.
1 year ago
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This is the best Queen parody I've ever seen!
1 year ago

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