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I suppose if this is one of your first war films, you'll enjoy it, but after you've taken on even a handful of far superior war films like The Battle of Algiers, Apocalypse Now, or Paths of Glory, this one (with grumpy old Gibson casting himself as a 25 year-old) will just seem silly.
9 years 5 months ago
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Some interesting historical facts, but most exaggerated just to hollywoodize the story
12 years 11 months ago
Duke of Omnium's avatar

Duke of Omnium

Nicely shot, decent script (perhaps a bit too infused with 20th century sensibilities, though). The film justifies its epic running length; nothing felt padded. Love affair between Mel and Sophie Marceau was gratuitous and felt tacked on. Cast is fairly bland. Was Gibson ever a good actor?
13 years 7 months ago
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Completely historically inaccurate, but makes for a good film.
13 years 5 months ago
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Well, all in all not such a bad movie.

Probably the best thing about it is the absolutely wonderful soundtrack - me and my friends used to love listening to it years before I even saw the movie. The landscapes are beautiful as well... though I hear lots of it was shot outside of Scotland.

All in all, a basically interesting storyline - sadly with some historical inaccuracies. Some minor characters were a bit one-dimensional, but I liked Hamish and Robert the Bruce and also the crazy Irish guy.

I'm a bit torn when it comes to Mel Gibson's performance here... although I liked the battlesome and slightly crazy attitude (esp. when his face was painted blue) there were other scenes that didn't really appeal to me. Generally OK, though.

OK entertainment, not bad, not exceptionally good either. And not one I'd necessarily want to watch a second time.
9 years 3 months ago
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This movie talks more about America than about Scotland. The word freedom is the first ingredient to make american patriotism vibrate. (I'm still in shock that they dare did that ending spoiler seriously ? it cannot be more cliché.) Then you have the cult of a leader, the true chief we should all wait before taking our own lifes into our hands. Yeah right, they fight for freedom but Wallace is the only one talking about it, all they do is yell his name. Plus that beautiful Christ scene at the end, and he perished for our sakes, amen. You add some love scenes that don't make any sense, thanks to the lack of dimension of any character (dude they don't know each others!) and a lot of blooding scenes, you've got yourself a movie that will sells! Yes of course some beautiful shots, emotional music, they know what to do to keep their public entertained, and they have all that money ! Give as much money and ressources to any director and then we can compare the result ! Sorry for the bashing, this film was way too much american for what I'm able to bear. I understand some can just enjoy it and that's fine.
9 years 6 months ago
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Ugh. Almost everything in this movie is just made up; it's about as accurate a history of Great Britain as... Eragon!

Dripping with propaganda from that nutjob Gibson.
11 years 8 months ago
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Ashrzr, you say that any war film that isn't biased would be boring. I disagree. Watch The Battle of Algiers.
13 years 10 months ago
MrCarmady's avatar


Awful film. Not only dull but also extremely biased and manipulative.
14 years ago
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Wow, 7185 checks and only 446 favorites? ...
14 years 4 months ago
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Great film! Don’t believe all the poseurs on here that are bashing it.

I won’t weigh in on the debate over the historical accuracy of it. But as a piece of cinema it’s wonderful. Gorgeous cinematography paired with beautiful Scottish music, rousing oratory, superb all-around acting by a great cast (including Brendan Gleeson, Patrick McGoohan, and Sophie Marceau) and some of the best battle scenes ever filmed. Think “Saving Private Ryan” with swords and axes, heavily inspired by Orson Welles’ battle scenes in “Chimes at Midnight.”

Mel Gibson is a nut for sure, but he was a talented director at his peak. Is he in the class of Coppola, Kurosawa, Welles or Kubrick? Of course not. But how many directors are?

All in all, a wonderfully entertaining film that you should see at least once in your life.
1 year ago
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this movie is just a mel gibson egotrip it is so bad
5 years 7 months ago
Larkspire's avatar


I appreciate that there's a reason for the length, but I'd have enjoyed this more if it was much shorter. The first 40 minutes or so could definitely have been cut down.
9 years 2 months ago
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Terrific drama. Well acted, directed and staged with some brutal fights. Also great music score.
10 years 6 months ago
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Joker of Gotham

I don´t understand nothing of Scoutland history, but I don´t need it to understand that this movie is one of the best movies that I had have the pleasure to watch, epic movie
11 years 6 months ago

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