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I love this film.

It played with conventions. Situations arise that have come up in hundreds of films so you think something bad is coming up, then it will switch and go in a new direction.

Also, if you're a creative person, there is a joy in watching somebody create and collaborate with others on a project.
3 years ago
Gunness's avatar


As a sort-of mixture between Room and Dogtooth, with a dash of The Truman Show thrown in, Brigsby Bear shows a lot of promise. I just don't think it delivers.

The cast is fine, but I kept thinking that the result was a bit "off" somehow. As a drama the emotions ring false almost the entire time, and it's not funny enough to deliver as a fullblown comedy. The theme is certainly interesting, but it's as if the director was hesitant to explore it fully, instead going for low-key and way too sweet humour.
3 years 3 months ago
josue.a.o's avatar


It's the same story as spoiler, but in a different setting.
3 years 3 months ago
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