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    I knew going in that Bringing Up Baby was the screwball comedy to end all screwball comedies, but I didn't expect "Baby" to be a rowdy pet leopard. That's just a crazy cherry on top of a mad sundae. Katharine Hepburn is completely loopy in this, a fast-talking gal who mishears/sees everything, seems to make her thinking on a completely different track from the rest of us, and makes up stories about as easily as Bugs Bunny. I've heard it said people find her annoying, but I find it pretty amusing myself. She sets her sights on Cary Grant early on as a man she wants to marry - he's a paleontologist who is immensely frustrated by her mere presence, chaos to his dull order - and through a series of insane misunderstandings, some of them caused by leopards and dogs, I guess they'll just have to end up together. Pure lunacy from director Howard Hawks that was apparently before its time, full of verbal and physical comedy. I'm a bit sick of Cary Grant's annoyed persona at this point (he's always on the verge of hitting a woman in these things, which really doesn't play well), but Hepburn is completely unlike anything else I've seen her in, a mad and intoxicating free spirit.
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