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Ares Capeta

Worst birthday ever.
3 years 4 months ago
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Just watched it in the cinema. About half an hour too long, but really good. It has its cliché moments, it has however a critical message about society which is woven into the action packed scenes. The end is a real tearjerker. Soundtrack was excellent. Had a few laughs as well.
3 years 11 months ago
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Train to Busan is the Snowpiercer of zombie flicks, and while I'm not generally partial to the zombie genre, Korean cinema provides just enough of a spin on old formulas to make it appealing. Indeed, despite the zombie mayhem, the film has a sensitive core about an absentee father and his young daughter, and thematically underscores their interrupted connection with questions of responsibility... for the plague, for others in times of crisis, and through a pregnant couple whose daughter is not yet born. As a horror flick, it is claustrophobic, taking place almost entirely aboard a train (with side-quests in train stations and yards), the characters trying to survive by figuring out the rules, and so on. It's a real nailbiter, and I found my heart rate increasing through the last two acts. Visually, it looks great, none of the obvious CGI you expect from squirming masses of attacking zombies, and despite the subject matter, isn't gore-porn. Two severed thumbs up!
3 years 4 months ago
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A good zombie movie on its own and a great zombie movie considering it came out in 2016, after and amidst so many terrible ones. It's not groundbreaking, but it is fresh and entertaining and it has great zombies, a good emotional subplot and a nice moral theme throughout.
1 year 12 months ago
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A well made zombie movie about class warfare in Korea. Very well made but the narrative thrust is dissolved spoiler and we see there's just a series of action vignettes strung together with political messages and spoiler.
3 years 2 months ago
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I normally despise zombie films, simply because I judge them outside of the fandom. This, however, zombies or no zombies, is excellent.
4 years 1 month ago
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THE zombie cult movie in a few years
4 years 2 months ago
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It seems that the prime factor that sinks a zombie film is the quality of the zombies themselves. Despite not being a major budget film (at least I don't think it is) the zombie design is fantastic and very unnerving. Particularly the rather gruesome neck-snapping motions, very nuts. It's not terribly acted and actually manages to make you feel something for the characters involved. Director Sang-ho seems to be a fan of George Romero and the ending scene feels like a direct homage to the final scene of Night of the Living Dead, albeit with a different outcome.
2 years 1 month ago
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Pretty solid zombie movie. Not sure why it got quite this much hype since it is overall fairly standard stuff, but I guess it did manage to make its characters likeable despite their limited development and it used its train setting to the maximum. A few bits left me scratching my head spoiler. It did have a touching ending, and a few great moments of tension.
3 years 9 months ago
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Good zombie movie, you will still enjoy it even if you have been watching other zombie movies or used to TWD series
4 years 2 months ago
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Fans of The Walking Dead will see a lot of similar material here: the zombies are not the real villains but the people around you and how they react.

However, this is put together as a claustrophobic and effective thriller with a very human and emotional core, so it feels very fresh with characters you are really rooting for.

Without getting spoilery, it's satisfying to see the characters' choices really affect them, and to see the continual lesson of empathy carry throughout the movie. More like this please!
8 months 2 weeks ago
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Fantastic movie! Amazing performance by Gong Yoo! I recommend Train to Busan for anyone who loves zombie movies.
2 years 2 months ago
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@ Rasheru: I can answer the questions you have! spoiler
I really did like the movie, although I really don't like zombieflicks. I was rooting for the main characters to survive. That's why its a good movie with moving and like-able characters.
And the message of the movie is: help eachother! Not only yourself.
3 years 7 months ago
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Train to Busan is the movie that World War Z wanted to be.
2 years 12 months ago
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Very run of the mill zombie flick. However I was very entertained by it. Would probably watch it again if I caught it on TV. 6/10.
3 years 10 months ago

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