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91 min.
Nia DaCosta
Thriller, Horror
Rating *
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3.6% (1:28)
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  1. dantheman89's avatar


    I really, really wanted to like this one .... it was a dud though.

    Something like candyman lends itself to social criticism and commentary - but while the original was subtle (-ish) in what it was saying this one manages to simultaneously over and under-explain every point they try to hit you over the head with.
    Stuff happens, and then more stuff happens, and then some more shadow puppets (which I at first liked - then it was overused) - all without the movie coming together to a coherent whole.

    Oh and the CG-effects were oddly noticeable and overabundant.
    1 month 3 weeks ago
  2. Warrison's avatar


    For me it felt like an origins story. Using that lens, I enjoyed it. 2 weeks ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    So this comes from someone who hasn't seen the original Candyman, but liked 2021's sequel... Seems the main gripe fans have with the movie is that it too obviously checkmarks the story being about gentrification. I have a different take. All the horror buffs talk about the original Candyman being about that, so we can just take it as received wisdom and move on. The new movie expands the theme to include all manner of APPROPRIATION, which may, if you like, include the director's own anxiety at taking on an old franchise and making it her own. So yes, white people are scamming housing off the poor (along racial lines), using black art to elevate their own standing in the art world, cultural appropriation, etc., but there's the other side of appropriation too - each generation making the story of Candyman their own (quite literally), and the "monster"'s own endgame using a stolen baby. I will say the last pieces of the puzzle are less interesting than the lore that comes before it, but between the thematic underpinnings and the gorgeous mirror shots, mystical architecture (Chicago is certainly well used) and striking shadow puppet flashbacks forcing you to stay until the end of the credits, I think there's enough there to recommend Candyman (2021) unto itself. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Teyonah Parris (now of Aquaman and WandaVision fame, respectively) are great leads in any case, with Nathan Stewart-Jarrett providing some fun comic moments in an otherwise tense film. 1 month 3 weeks ago
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