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90 min.
Mickey Keating
Action, Crime, Thriller, Horror
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2.6% (1:38)
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    "Brothers burn faster when they're burning together."


    The only positive thing about this film was Pat Healy as the crazy ex-marine Wyatt Moss, who set up his own personal amusement park somewhere in the bone-dry desert in California where he lures lost backpackers and hunts them down as a real psychotic hunter. He gratefully uses his talent as a sniper during these chases. The few times he speaks in this movie, show that he's ready for the nuthouse. Especially the dialogue with his brother, Sheriff Moss (Alan Ruck), is a memorable moment with that intonation and those facial expressions. Wyatt gave me the chills here, acting as a real psychopath. Just because of this scene, I'm planning to watch some more films with Healy playing in it.

    I also thought that the sometimes eerie soundtrack and sound clips reverberating from the megaphones weren't so bad. They emphasized the insane mind of Wyatt. But otherwise this was a meaningless crime film, starring a madman fascinated by religion, who has his own safari park where victims try to survive. Thus a typical survival film. The last victim here is Vivian (Ashley Bell). She was kidnapped by two layabouts who tried to rob a bank and ended up in Carnage Park. It isn't very original and to be honest, there isn't happening that much essentially. It's during her stumbling flight that Vivian discovers other victims. And surely you can expect some fragments that are similar to those in other famous horror movies.

    The thing that amazes me every time, is the stupidity of the main character. When you take matters into your own hand, make damn sure you do it thoroughly. Such a madman wouldn't get a second chance with me. But no, Wyatt with his gas mask (which reminded me of a CD cover from "Therapy?") resurfaces once again and the cat and mouse game restarts. And a cat could well have an advantage in this game, because it was largely pitch dark in this film. Several times I checked if the power went down, because in the end I couldn't see Jack sh*t most of the time. Also, the attempt to emulate the feel of a 70's movie wasn't really successful.

    Actually, you can compare this with Mickey Keating's previous creation "Pod". Also, a so-called horror with potential. Good intentions are clearly present and there are also some positive aspects can be seen, but ultimately it's all vague and disappointing. Even downright violence and bloody fragments can't prevent it's becoming pretty boring and tedious halfway. Not to mention the announcement that this film is based once again on true facts. That won't make it an exciting movie, unfortunately.

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    4 years 7 months ago
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