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45 min.
Crime, Drama, Comedy, War
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10.9% (1:9)
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    It is hard to rate this. If we forget the book and just look at the series then I would rate it higher. It is good. But why adopt a great book and then disregard everything that made that book interesting?

    Gone is the dark, insane humor. Why? Is modern world too PC for humor like that? Were they afraid that people would not get the underling criticism? This is especially evident when it comes to how the soldiers treated the women. In the book everything starts out as a huge joke but it little by little we get to see underneath the humor and it is a nightmare. Here we never discover the nightmare. We are presented with it from the beginning. And it is not even close to the nightmare in the book, which shows even uglier sides of the war. Removing this journey from humor to horror takes away the shock effect.

    I also wonder if they were afraid of offending the Italians. There is a great part in the book when Yossarian is looking for the little sister and everyone thinks he wants to fuck a child and are willing to help him find a child to fuck. Was this too shocking for modern world?

    Another thing that makes the book so good is that it jumps back and forth in time, which makes the story feel like an endless nightmare, without a beginning or an end. Here we get a straight story line which kills that totally.

    The book also has a quick tempo. The series are very slow and take their time. I have nothing against that but it is not Catch-22. I hope those who watch this will not think that they don't need to read the book. If you are not going to read it then at least watch the film. It is much closer to the style of the book than this mini series.
    6 months ago
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