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Dr No

5 years 2 months ago
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Outstanding documentary. No more propaganda in this than in any other 'news' broadcast.
8 years ago
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Pure propaganda sure, but the most interesting aspect in this documentary is the real footage of all those moments
7 years ago
tylerdurden's avatar


The propagandic aspect is what makes it interesting, is it not?

Basically any director making a documentary can create whatever reality that he wants through creative editing and numerous ellipses, just think of michael moore "documentaries", highly propagandic as well.
12 years 7 months ago
ChrisReynolds's avatar


The footage showing the behind-the-scenes events in a coup attempt is fascinating, and despite bias the key events portrayed are broadly true. There was a violent military coup against Chavez, and it was backed by the US government (in as much as they knew about it and approved).

The propaganda levels make the film less interesting (and here they're far above what I'd expect in a balanced news broadcast, they're at least at Fox News levels). The filmmakers clearly think that Chavez and his government are great and swallow their claims uncritically. So I'm watching each scene wondering how much has been omitted, edited and manipulated to make it fit a narrative. Watching this in 2018 with Venezuela now an undeniable dictatorship and failed state is an interesting experience. There's a sick irony in knowing that the claims of Chavez's policies bringing freedom, democracy and prosperity are hollow and the fears of the opposition all came to pass.
5 years 11 months ago
sacmersault's avatar


Propaganda at its finest.
13 years 6 months ago
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I watched this when it first came out in the theater while I was at university. I was so brainwashed at that time by left wing propaganda at my school and this doc only added to my delusion. I look at it now and just shake my head. I was so politically naive at that time in my life.
12 years 3 months ago
franciscop29's avatar


Highly biased documentary.
12 years 7 months ago
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