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Already about killer security robots in the mall from Commando, I knew Chopping Mall was REALLY something special when Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov gratuitously appeared as their characters from Eating Raoul in the first scene. A good horror B-movie can't just be about its plot, because the acting and production values will more often than not bring it down. It has to be funny, or quirky, or strange. Chopping Mall delivers in that respect, with its Short Circuit robots that are essentially Daleks who think they're Robocop (and are programmed with slasher film rules), and its cast of 20-somethings playing jerky or awkward teenagers who have an illicit party in a department store when the killbots malfunction and attack. You get the genre's exploitative sex and violence, of course, but also fun gags and characters in a Die Hard situation, trying to survive using what's available behind store front windows. You can see why the Sherman Oaks Galleria was used in many films of the era because it gives the flick a definite sense of place. This is one silly B-movie that actually has pretty good production values for what it is. The acting, well, that's all over the place. Bottom line: While it doesn't capture the feeling of dread I personally feel when in a shopping mall, it's just fun and wild and makes good use of its setting.
6 months ago
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Such a campy '80s flick... a type of film that I can't stay away from.

Not too bad, even if the robots were a little too stupid. You've got the over exaggerated acting, the typical horror kill list, some nudity thrown in, even a short appearance by Dick Miller (Gremlins).

But it's quite a short movie and is kind of stale instead of being fun to watch.
8 years 4 months ago
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I guess this proves I will watch anything for a check, but I won't dislike it because there are a couple of genuine laughs. Found it via TCM Underground.
1 month 1 week ago
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The best part about this movie is the awesome 80's, retro mall; and running a close second, the cheesy electro-synth soundtrack.
The plot device of the robots is just hilarious so right off the bat you know what you're in for. Sadly, this film cuts to the chase all too quickly and 2/3 of the film is just the characters trying to blow up the robots. It's alright, and probably better than a good chunk of 80's slashers out there, especially the later ones like this one is. All in all I think it's worth a watch if you've already watched most of the more popular/lauded ones out there and are itching for a cheesy slasher film.
"Thank you, have a nice day."
2 years 11 months ago
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