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    26 yrs
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    Really into everything Oscars-related. If you know where to watch older (pre-2005) ceremonies, let me know.

    Otherwise, I like movies with a great soundtrack, good character development and an intriguing story.
    I also like: Hans Zimmer, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Hayao Miyazaki,...
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    I watch way more movies than I should.

    Favourites for me are movies I rate 8/10 or higher and movies I dislike are 5/10 or lower.
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    I watch way more movies than I should.

    Favourites for me are movies I rate 8/10 or higher and movies I dislike are 5/10 or lower.
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    I like movies. I want to watch more of them. Movie-related favorites include musicals, Woody Allen, and British comedies.
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    "Hiiteen velvollisuudet!"
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    Awful. No redeeming features. Can we fire James Corden into the sun yet?
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    Even the Taskmaster alumni couldn't save it.
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    This movie has its moments that hit (i.e. Idina Menzel's singing and a few decent jokes), but there really isn't anything fresh to this movie. Which is a shame because there's a few moments where the writers set up the possibility of completely subverting the core story and could take the plot into new, interesting territory, but it just never happens.
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    Take a classic fairytale and just ruin it with wokeness.

    It's suppose to be pretty simple, abused woman finds true love.

    But no we have to have ugly step sisters, but can't call them ugly because that isn't woke and an evil step mother who isn't actually evil because too isn't woke.

    Cinderella without the bad upbringing is just a normal woman

    Then we have her wanting to have a business and everyone laughing at her because she's a woman. This is a weird wokeness trying to show that women are equal to men when that wasn't even an issue in the original.

    Then the worst aspect of the movie is that all the singing is dubbed and autotuned. Why on God's green Earth would you get two professional singers and dub everything? Is just sounded really fake and naff.

    And where are the original songs? Just all 80s-00s pop. And half the songs didn't even fit in with the flow of the movie.

    And the ending? Just ridiculous. Gotta throw that wokeness in again with a woman being the real brains of the outfit and the prince losing his Kingship.

    Just pathetic.

    Movies like this is what pushes equality back.
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