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Take the Little Mermaid, turn it into a dark and nasty goth punk musical in Polish, and you've got The Lure, a film that scores a lot of points for originality. As a musical, it has a lot of pleasant songs and dance numbers, some diagetic - the two mermaids work in a cabaret-style strip club - some not, giving much of the film the look and feel of modern music videos. Full props to the translators for giving the subtitles rhyme and meter appropriate to each. You could, in fact, sing along in English over the Polish singers and it would still make sense. The Lure plays with the Little Mermaid legend, but with a horror twist. It's a dangerous world where you might get eaten or turn into sea foam if you're not careful. So quite watchable even beyond the novelty aspect, but overall, I wish some things had been clearer. In particular, the lesbian element felt a little confused. Plot-wise, there's one character whose role I don't quite get, and I'm left questioning what the "sisters"' actual relationship was. On a thematic level, the film hints at the mermaid as a gay symbol, or at least of being true to oneself, which the "Little Mermaid" rejects for (male) love, but it's not entirely clear if this is the case because not all the pieces fit. Still, the world is more interesting for having The Lure in it.
1 year 4 months ago
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A contemporary view of the story which originated the "little meirmaid"
3 years 5 months ago
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