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119 min.
Jon Favreau
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Western
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1.3% (1:77)
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  1. Earring72's avatar


    Great cast, solid action and special effects but seriously lacking in story and esspecially FUN. With a title like this and 007 and Indiana Jones in one i was looking forward in finally seeing this but movie was just ok. Could and should have been sooooooo much better 10 years ago
  2. dpanter's avatar


    The plot might be a stretch, but name one sci-fi that isn't. At the very least, it looks and sounds fantastic. The acting was decent enough with several great cameos stealing the show. Felt like the main cast couldn't be bothered to make a real effort. I wish they had cast someone other than Harrison Ford, he was royally out of place here.
    Overall; an enjoyable ride IMHO, I wasn't expecting much due to all the hating out there.

    I get a distinct feeling that any time someone tries to mix the western genre with anything else, the overwhelming response (at least from America and they usually whine the loudest) is instant hate. Is there some kind of drug they put in your water to make you rise in unison and gang-hate on genre-mixing involving western themes?
    Probably the same people yelled bloody murder at Wild Wild West, Priest, From Dusk Till Dawn and so on. Granted, not exactly Academy Award winners any of them... but if you go searching for flaws instead of trying to enjoy a movie, you'll only find what you are looking for.
    12 years 1 month ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    I think I've figured out what's wrong with Cowboys & Aliens, a high-concept, well-executed movie that should have been rad, but fell a little flat. I think that it works so well as a western that we don't welcome the aliens into the story. Because I love Daniel Craig as a badass gunfighter, and there are some good characters there for Harrison Ford, Clancy Brown and Sam Rockwell, evocative music, strong landscape, and a tragic story for the hero. But the science fiction elements, which I should have embraced seeing how much genre mashing I've done in my role-playing games over the years, kinda bugged me. Not that I don't appreciate the attempt to make the aliens like the Conquistadors, looking for gold and slaves, a bit of poetic justice for the white settlers of the West. It's not that the aliens aren't well crafted, but they can't ever be as interesting as the humans, and I wish I could have seen that western unfold without their appearance. That said, after seeing how much of the effects were practical in the extras (a fine commentary by director Jon Favreau, and three featurettes on the story, the aliens and the stunts), I think my opinion of Cowboys & Aliens has been raised. I'll probably like it better the next time I see it. After a single viewing, I find it "just ok". 8 years 10 months ago
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