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107 min.
David Cronenberg
Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror
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4.7% (1:21)
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  1. Arkantos's avatar


    Overall it’s a cromulent film, one that I’d rank squarely in the middle tier of his output. Thematically and stylistically this film harkens back to some of his earlier works, what immediately comes to mind are eXistenZ, Videodrome, and Crash. The body horror scenes did have me averting my eyes at some points, though it’s not as gory as you might first suspect. This film also smartly knew just how long it needed to be, didn’t feel like it dragged much at any point. 2 months 2 weeks ago
  2. dantheman89's avatar


    It's a mixed bag alright. The overarching issue is that the movie feels very disconnected and doesn't come together at all. Multiple plotlines could have been removed without issue, like the "inner beauty pageant".

    To be nit-picky, the negatives:
    - The special effects were a weird mix of noticeable CGI and stuff that looked like it came from the "David-Cronenberg-Leftover-bin". (Especially the bone eating chair was pretty lackluster)
    - The surgery/performance art stuff was a lot of build up for not a lot happening. Yes we have a cool machine with all these vaguely sexual looking things ... and it'll take 3 seconds to remove a potato from Aragorns chest.
    - Viggo Mortensens Ninja costume
    - I generally like Kirsten Stewart. She didn't work in this at all
    - The world they lived in seemed completely empty, which can work in a movies favor ... not in this one.
    - The whole "surgery is sex is art" is def from the Cronenberg greatest hits album but felt a little too tired this time around.
    - The whole plastic-eating/plastic candybar stuff felt incredibly ham-fisted

    The goods:
    - The music and sound design were pretty good
    - Viggo Mortensen and Don McKellar were decent
    - The ear-guy dancing was fun for a minute

    Overall I think this came about by Cronenberg having a few neat ideas but was struggling to string them together by an interesting plot.
    2 months 1 week ago
  3. PretentiousHip91's avatar


    Funny how the set design is technically super cheap in this, using only 3-4 locations. However, it's one of the few movies depicting a dystopian world that actually looks dystopian as hell.

    One of his best.
    1 month 3 weeks ago
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