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    Ustinov miles better than the caricature Finney portrayed. Still prefer Suchet of course. Having said that, this was enjoyable even if you know the plot. Great set of characters all around.
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    author and English teacher from Brazil, maybe filmmaker one day

    read me on medium:

    my poetry book on amazon:
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    È una mania questo cinematografo. Mangia pane e cinematografo.


    10 = only Citizen Kane
    9 = the 5-stars possible
    8 = woow!! this movie is fantastic
    7 = nice!! maybe I could see again
    6 = it was ok, was fair
    5 =...
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    I hate people who discuss superhero movies at parties. Also, I hate parties.

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    When will I learn?
    The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle, they're on TV!
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    When a crime movie get close to as good as a crime book.
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