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jhhayes's avatar


This is one of those films that is so bad it's entertaining.
10 years 10 months ago
exitpanda's avatar


I like Steve Carell. But this was so bad I almost cried.
I recommend the french original Le Dîner de Cons.
10 years 10 months ago
WhiteSox1's avatar


Horrible script. Waste of good talent. That pretty much sums it up.
10 years 11 months ago
frankqb's avatar


Paul Rudd is incredibly watchable in this otherwise ho-hum predictable comedy with only mildly humourous moments. The first portion of this cinematic fast-food meal seems palatable enough, but by the time you've come to the end, you've regretted it much more than you've enjoyed it. Like a lot of fast-food, it makes you wish you ate the "real-food equivalent" - in this case, the delightful original french cuisine "Le Dîner de Cons" which leaves no terrible aftertaste.
11 years ago
kramerica's avatar


Some of the supporting cast was good (Jermaine Clement) but Steve Carrell is unwatchable. Please watch the original french movie which puts this one to shame. If you have a DVD of Dinner for Schmucks, buy another one and throw them both in the trash.
3 years 9 months ago
On cinema at the cinema's avatar

On cinema at the cinema

This movie was so bloody boring!!! Absolute waste of time, I didn't even bother finishing it.
4 years 11 months ago
danisanna's avatar


it's not going to win any trophees but it was enjoyable.
5 years 8 months ago
Henry K Hurtin's avatar

Henry K Hurtin

This might not be a really good comedy but the mice are soooo adorable!

And the combination of Steve Carell and Paul Rudd is great...at least for me.
8 years 6 months ago
Rela's avatar


Most of the funny moments for me came from Steve Carrell and the the dinner
9 years 4 months ago
samantha0118's avatar


This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It made me laugh several times and had some cool tender moments.
10 years 1 month ago
Public Enemy's avatar

Public Enemy

It was decent enough but if you picked up on a lot of the subtle stuff, which can be easily missed if you think it's just a dumb comedy, it adds to it. Still not fantastic but I've sat through it a couple times already, which is more than I can say about a lot of films.
10 years 1 month ago
mook's avatar


A silly and increasingly bizarre farcical comedy. Slow starting but good fun once I realised it's tone. 6/10.

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10 years 2 months ago
stefenemie's avatar


Wow. I love Paul Rudd and Steve Carell and I also loved the original but this movie is really not good. Just a bad movie. Very few laughs to be had.
10 years 8 months ago
aussieflickfan's avatar


I didn't like this much - I do wish that people who are definitely funny like Steve don't need to resort to wearing what look like false teeth to 'add character'.
11 years 1 month ago
Esso's avatar


Funny movie, but kind of traditional: don't be mean to those who's different or weird, be yourself and love beats everything. Had some great laughs though.
11 years 1 month ago

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