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Limbesdautomne unfortunately I think you did not understand the movie. Not all movies are driven by the characters (Or should be to be great)

It's a real war movie that gives you the feeling that you're in the middle of it all. There is no ridiculous dialogue and drama like in Pearl Harbor e.g.

There is not the typical '' I miss my wife '' shows picture of the wife, picture being taken and subsequently thrown among the soldiers in a perverted tone.

Nolan has tried to make it as authentic as possible, like never seen before, and it seems he achieved his goal. This is a true war movie!

The film have received universal acclaim, with critics praising the cinematography, direction, acting and Zimmer's musical score, and some considering it to be one of the greatest war films of all-time and Nolan's best film to date.

I'm sorry if you think it's ''disappointing''
3 years 6 months ago
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Dunkirk is easily Christopher Nolan's best film and Hans Zimmer's best score. The film uses the Dunkirk evacuation as a staging ground for a discussion of self-sacrifice, self-worth, self-confidence and mutual support.

The film crackles with danger, hope, loss, and slowly reveals its conceit: Even you, the audience, cannot trust your memory during this film. This is what the stress must be like for those in the fight.

As smoke rises on Dunkirk beach like plumes out of hell, and the Orpheus comparisons rise as civilians are called into the fray, Dunkirk shows us people willing to band together to achieve the impossible for a greater good. How one man's security is based on all our security. How I only have a home because you have a home.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" was Kennedy's infamous line. To remind us simply of this is surely one of Nolan's goals here, but not all. Perhaps he merely wants to remind us that we'd forgotten that asking what we can do for each other is still an option in this world. In this way, Dunkirk is a nostalgic adrenaline shot that shows how much the world has changed - and hopes we can be that way again.

Incredible cinematography, acting that feels so human you forget it's not a documentary, and a score that exhilarates the very blood cells in the body, Dunkirk is a smash triumph.

Picture your favourite celebrities saying "Dunkirk" because come next February, I have a feeling you'll be hearing it a few times on Oscar night. As of Summer 2017, it's Nolan's Oscar to lose.

5 stars out of 5
3 years 6 months ago
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No script. Just a catalogue of survival scenes with an atrocious score. Nolan invents the permanent climax: action, fear, sentimentalism. Characters? Just bodies here and there. Hitchcock said that suspense was the opposite of surprises in films, that the fear came from the wait; Nolan create an all surprise -- boom boom -- film. Zero feelings, zero fear -- can't be involved with bodies I don't care.

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3 years 6 months ago

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