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I'm always intrigued by WWII movies made DURING WWII, especially when the Americans aren't all that involved. Edge of Darkness is the story of a small Norwegian village, occupied by the Nazis, and its Resistance movement. Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan top the cast list, but it's really an ensemble picture in which we get to know resistance fighters, collaborators, German soldiers, conscientious objectors... and they may all be prey to doubt, whatever their initial position is. Its streak of psychological realism and its unusual setting (I feel like this is a forgotten page of history, eclipsed by the later French Resistance) make it stand out. If it's slow to start, setting up a lot of characters and subplots, its third act is filled with poignant moments, sweeping action, and furious extended combat. All those characters you got to know meet their fates head on, on both sides of the equation, and your patience is rewarded in a most exciting manner. At the end is a bit of war-time propaganda that gives this relatively small story its full meaning, pulled from a speech by FDR.
2 years 3 months ago
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