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129 min.
Harry Bradbeer
Action, Crime, Drama, Adventure, Mystery
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3.7% (1:27)
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  1. Neens's avatar


    This film has precious little in common with the books by Nancy Springer, but to be honest, I would have watched it for Henry Cavill's curls alone. It is a little darker than the first, and one Holmes sibling is sadly missing (Sam Claflin as Mycroft), but it was delightful all the same, and I will definitely watch it again (and again). I do wish they had retained Enola's professional title from the books, though - Scientific Perditorian sounds so much better than Detective! 3 months ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    I'm generally glad that Enola Holmes has gone to franchise, as the second acquits itself well as bouncy, light entertainment, but boy, do I wish they'd thought about the naming scheme a bit more. Enola Holmes 2? How boring. It should really be Enola Holmes and the Case of the Match Makers, or something like that. That said, having set things up in the first movie, "2" gives Enola her first case as a proper detective and starts introducing other characters from Holmesian lore in a way that promises at least one more sequel. The insertion of Enola IN that lore is reaping benefits as she subtly transforms the legend to make room for her (the same way actual historical events are used). I do find the clues a little silly sometimes - Sherlock may be Superman, but the clues seem to have been left by the Riddler - and figuring them out has all the abruptness of Batman '66 jumping to conclusions, but Millie Bobby Brown is a lot of fun, as is Henry Cavill. Good plot twists and comedy bits, natural chemistry in the romance... the action sequences need a little work (or less prevalence, since they're not really the point). I liked this one better than the original. 2 months 2 weeks ago
  3. badblokebob's avatar


    Really good fun. A solid mystery, a couple of neat twists, a nice use of real history, some well-staged action, and even an answer to one of my complaints about the first film (to say what would be a spoiler). 2 months 3 weeks ago
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