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123 min.
Harry Bradbeer
Action, Crime, Drama, Adventure, Mystery
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3.0% (1:34)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    While Enola Holmes is most definitely part of Netflix's current push at creating "pilots" for high concept movie series, it is more a more charming and wittier effort than, say, The Old Guard or Project Power. Millie Bobby Brown is a lot of fun as Sherlock Holmes' little sister and would deserve a sequel or sequels. I'm still not quite over the distracting casting of Henry Cavill as Sherlock, though I like the oddity of the Great Detective as a supportive older brother. He's a more introspective character, better suited to being in the background, but I can't unsee Superman in a Victorian jacket. Sam Claflin as Mycroft is the big jerk you love to hate. Having two dueling mysteries make this a bit longer than it needs to be, and I wish they'd done a better job of linking the two - did Enola actually stop her mother's plot by solving the other mystery? It would seem to me yes, but a confirmation would have been nice. And I am docking the movie half a star for a moment of shocking violence the general tone doesn't prepare us for. 1 year 9 months ago
  2. Hasturion's avatar


    It's a small movie, but a fun one. the cast is good, the themes are good.
    The protagonist winking and speaking directly at the audience works well, as do the funny visualizations, notes and pictures accompanying some of the internal monologue.

    It's a bit of a letdown that the photography and directing don't match that inventivity. The shot composition is mostly forgettable, and when it does come up with something noteworthy, it doesn't seem to serve a cohesive style or narrative point.
    The colors are quite flat and it's really a shame when the protagonist warrants a more vibrant and classy palette. In the same department, the CGI set extensions are rarely needed, but can be quite jarring at times (matte painting and set extensions in particular). It's all serviceable though.

    Now when it comes to the story, there are two major plot threads: the Holmes matriarch disappearing, and a young marquis on the run. While sharing a common themes, those two threads never really mesh together in a satisfying way, and in fact, the mother plot is pretty much dropped halfway through.

    tying those two stories together would have made the plot more complex yet more elegant. as it stands the mystery barely is one, save for a few cryptic breadcrumbs along the way.
    It's a serviceable coming of a age adventure plot, but it's nothing particularly memorable.

    The strengths of the story are the characters, chief among them Enola, her enthusiasm is infectious and she's a joy to follow. the marquis is a bit... hollow by comparison. It's a joy to hate Mycroft, and Sherlock not being a heartless egotist is a nice change.
    It's an enjoyable watch, if nothing groundbreaking. I would have liked to see this get the visual polish knives out had, but that's a very high bar to reach.

    On a side note I'm not really on board with the portrayal of the suffragettes as seemingly misguided, as if there always was a moderate progressive in position of power to latch onto, but well, I know that many people won't care or even notice.
    1 year 9 months ago
  3. nowhereman136's avatar


    A little too all over the place for its own good. It kept going towards the mother stuff when that could be better suited doling out over several films (which they are clearly planning). Still, its a solid adventure film for kids that doesnt dumb anything down for them. It gives kids and preteens, boys and girls, fun characters to look up to that is sure to have rewatch value for them. Brown is a fantastic lead, perfectly capable of leading her own movie, even one as long as this. The rest of the cast is fine with Cavill having his own moments to shine.

    1 year 9 months ago
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