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Lilu Milcalova

this was so out of ...logic (?) and boring, just too much even for this franchise
10 months 4 weeks ago
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If F9 (The Secret Origin of Dom Toretto) frustrates through the first couple acts is that its forgets the franchise thrives on whack driving action. There's way too much exposition and plot in this chapter of the "Saga". I appreciate the flashbacks to Dom's youth to set up an unknown brother played by John Cena, but when they also have to introduce a MacGuffin, explain why Han is back from the dead, and indulge an obsession with establishing the unfairly unloved Tokyo Drift into the core story (gotta admit, I didn't readily recognize F3's cast), it's a lot of downtime between car brawls. And since plot logic and dialog are NOT among the franchise's strengths, it's a bit heavy-going. That said, the third act is so insane, you walk out of the theater with the kind of buzz that makes you want to tear out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell. First, it fulfills a dream of mine, something I've been calling for the last couple entries, and it does it in the silliest possible way. Second, that last sequence with the magnet cars is total superhero action and I am there for it.
12 months ago
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They've tried to push the action but it does get rather silly.

Even for a fast movie, John Cena just isn't a good enough actor and it's a bizarre storyline to have Dom have a brother as we all know he'd never fall out with family.

Should have just had one of the other characters have the sibling issue.

Even for a franchise where you normally just switch off and enjoy, the plot needed to be stronger.
11 months 2 weeks ago
252's avatar


This is the ninth entry (ten if you count Hobbs & Shaw) in the series. If by now, you're still taking this franchise serious enough to critique it like it's supposed to be more than a dumb action flick, you're insane. Just enjoy the ride.
10 months 3 weeks ago
Bah's avatar


Being the ninth entry, I really don't understand complains in regards to the (lack of) logic, (ridiculous) physics or (gigantic) plot holes. Haven't you seen the previous 8? What did you expect? This is what their fans want and they deliver. It's not that you're wrong, it's just that we already know and we don't care.

At this point, the Fast Saga has become a series of love letters for their fanbase and I think that's something worth celebrating. There's a movie studio out there willing to listen to their audience and give them what they want (even if it's an utter nonsense) in an all in all cohesive way, at least by the rules of the universe they've created, that ties all their 8 previous entries together. They perfectly understand what their fanbase is willing to forgive, where they can take certain creative licences and also the things their public is not interested in seeing. If they already didn't take themselves too seriously before, this time they take it to the next level. That's a bold thing to do when you have A-List actors and actresses, and the result is simply brilliant. I've been wanting to see the third act for the past 3 movies and oh my, it was as stupid as it was amazing.
10 months 3 weeks ago
samoan's avatar


The movie was ok overall, majority of it was entertaining but there were also parts that the movie dragged on a bit. The physics and logic in this movie was even more absurd than the previous movies. I know that is kinda the fun of them but some parts were just laugh out loud ridiculas, like the car Dom is in with Letty swings across a cliff (in the trailer) and crashes, tumbling, all the windows are broken, and Dom & Letty without seatbelts have no scars or injuries. They aren't even shooken up, just like well that was new. I mean sorry but physics wise they would be thrown out of their car, and dead if not in critical condition. Does it make for a cool action scene, yes, but even for FF franchise it is a bit ridiculous. I mean the movie even pokes fun at it and the fact that the team never has a scratch or scar after everything they been through. It is dumb but still fun and entertaining to watch.

Overall the story is just like the rest of the sequels, and since no one really dies in the movie franchise, it never really feels like something is online for Dom's team. Which takes the suspense way out and makes it feel like the crew has nothing to lose no matter what. Yes there are a lot of movies where the main character is not going to die like Indy, John Wick or other franchises that are based on a single character, and the fun is watching how they get out of the situation. But that is one character, everyone else is fair game. Mission Impossible series, the point is they solve the impossible but Ethan and his crew still get injured.

But anyway I am nitpicking, this is a superhero movie with cars. So all of that is minor. However, the biggest things that frustrated me was the editing and dialogue. The editing jumps the movie around making some parts confusing. Like John Cena escapes at the beginning and then a couple scenes later his boss is like wow the magnets worked. But this is the first time Magnets were mentioned. I watched the director's cut, and it just really felt like a scene was missing even though this was a extended version. Also there were some scenes that were added that jumped between that just made things more confusing. Like a scene were they are in the underground HQ talking to each other, then one of the characters find money stored and there is a scene talking about how needs a bag to fill with the money, and the next scene they are around a screen with everyone just sitting and no mention of money again. The jump cut is so extreme that it makes sense they cut that scene out originally.

This happens a lot in the movie where it just goes from one scene to another but in a way that feels some scene is missing. I don't know how to explain it better, but I haven't felt that way about many movies. Also some dialogue is either mumbled or spoken really fast, so it was hard to follow a bit at times. Not that the dialogue was that important lol, but it was just why isn't that line said clearier.

Overall it was entertaining and if you are a fan of the franchise you will enjoy it. If you aren't, this won't covert you. It is still better that 2 fast 2 furious, man that movie suxed lol. Overall worth a rental.

I seen some comments say John Cena wasn't a good enough actor or that dom would never desert his family. I disagree. John Cena did a good job with the movie. Not like the others are such great actors. If anything I felt that John Cena did a better job than Vin. Also Dom's character absolutely would turn his back on a family member who killed his dad or another family member. He takes betrayal very seriously, he has proven this time and time again. So it is totally in his character to turn his back on young Jakob.

Honestly the franchise has been fun but going down hill in logic and quality since number 7. Hopefully it will end on a high note.

Side note: I know that all of the movies except maybe the first one has out there logic or super unrealistic stunts with cars and computers but this one has some moments that are extreme even in the world of fast and furious. But still enjoyable.
7 months 2 weeks ago
Pete Concrete's avatar

Pete Concrete

Title should be changed to "Fast and Furious 9". That's the title that appears in the film. "F9" is just a promotional title. A little more respect for this great franchise, please.
11 months 2 weeks ago
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"You're Yoda..."
12 months ago
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For some reason I watched the 7th one and the idea of space had to be watched... And there wasn't much else to check out for the audience I was with

Dialogue want bad but the rest was very sub par. Clarlize was cringeeworthy hammy 4/10
3 months 1 week ago
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Just a bit unrealistic sometimes
4 months 3 weeks ago
Warrison's avatar


wowser.... so bad it actually put me in a bad mood.

please stop making this shit.
10 months 1 week ago
CodeV's avatar


Top class action from the first minute to the last, added some family relations and a flying Pontiac. Don't doubt in any trick because it happened in F&F already...
11 months 3 weeks ago
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