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132 min.
David Yates
Adventure, Fantasy, Family
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4.6% (1:22)
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  1. alistairdren's avatar


    There are aspects I liked and aspects I didn't. All of the spells and sorcerery and all of the creatures were a delight to watch. Some really funny moments, well written, lovely cinematography.
    But I personally find Eddie Redmayne to be a really awkward actor, uncomfortable to watch, in all his films. Always babbling and stuttering, an awkward gait, never looking anyone in the eye.
    As for the Credence/Modesty/Graves subplot, I just found that to be plain weird and the Obscurus was just a ludicrous and over the top.
    Johnny Depp, go away.
    3/5 stars
    3 years 7 months ago
  2. Shad0wdar's avatar


    It might take some time to get used to the whole wizardry world again, it doesn't have as much of a build up as the Harry Potter series had, but once you're in, it's really great. The 3D effects are nice, but sometimes instead of sucking you into the movie they kinda pull you out with the way they handled them, but that might differ per cinema and personal preference. 3 years 7 months ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them may take place in the world of Harry Potter, on the American side, during the 30s, which in and of itself is a fun world to discover - more secret agents and urban mayhem than pastoral school hijinks - but it also feels like Eddie Redmayne auditioning for the role of Doctor Who. He's got the look and attitude, something like a TARDIS, and if we're being truthful, the story arc presented is much more about the Muggle/Companion who initiated to the magical world along with the audience. Doctor Who meets Men in Black with an urban fantasy spin. Enjoyable, by turns amusing and exciting, but we never get away from Rowling's episodic incident writing, nor Redmayne's now standard screen persona, and so while I'm more interested in this aspect of the Potterverse than its school system, I don't feel like it's revolutionized anything. 3 years 7 months ago
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