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134 min.
David Yates
Adventure, Fantasy, Family
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1.7% (1:59)
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  1. crazy_bitch's avatar


    I found the first one to be very entertaining.
    This is just so tedious. They threw the old characters back together, but now their relations and actions don't make sense, the story doesn't develop, instead we have to suffer through a bland series of random events, interspersed with painfully bad expositional flashbacks and then even a voice over narration to try and tell us something the movie can't relate through actions or dialog.
    And of course it ignores a lot of established rules from the Harry Potter universe, like spoiler.
    It's obvious this five film series is a giant cash grab, but if it were entertaining or made any sense within the Harry Potter world, I wouldn't mind. This is just too lackluster and uninspired.
    Also, of all the films randomly taking place in Paris for no good reason just because American audiences have a romantic fairytale image of the city, this is the worst offender.
    1 year 7 months ago
  2. musikurt's avatar


    Weak performance by Depp (among others), uninspired plot, and repeated contradictions and continuity issues make for a poor installment and contribution to the Harry Potter universe. I worry Rowling is slowly destroying her creation because she can't help continuing to pick and tweak and throw in new "bright ideas" that go against timelines, rules, and character backstories that she's already put into canon... 1 year 7 months ago
  3. toopsy's avatar


    I enjoyed how this movie combined grim and bright moments into a mish-mash suited for modern-day viewer's approved atrocities (spoiler). The visuals were also satisfying and overall I wasn't bored. However, +1 to all of the other commenters' objections: random and poorly-done drifting of the plot (spoiler), the tacky flashbacks and the breaking of HP universe rules, among many. 1 year 7 months ago
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