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108 min.
Stephen Merchant
Drama, Comedy, Biography, Sport
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4.0% (1:25)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    I suppose we're going to get a lot of material that feels cousin to A Star Is Born now, but we could do a lot worse than Fighting with My Family, the true-ish story of Saraya "Paige" Knight, a small English girl from a hilarious wrestling family who went pro in the WWE. Sure, in some ways, it's a two-hour ad for the latter organization, but with The (original) Office's Stephen Merchant at the helm, the biopic is also one of those small quirky British comedies. That might even make it a bit of a Frankenstein's Monster, the stuff in L.A. a kind of bombastic, aspirational, sports movie. The stuff in Norwich - and we don't lose sight of the disappointed brother who didn't get picked, that's nice - a much more inspired, witty and zesty family comedy. But while Merchant can't help but inject his brand of amusing discomfort in some scenes, his film really wears its heart and passion on its sleeve, with no small assist from the terrifically engaging performances from the four family members. Florence Pugh is a real star and Nick Frost is hilarious, but Headey and Lowden bring it too. Wrestling fans will no doubt spot all the WWE cameos better than I, though might be disappointed that the timeline is collapsed into movie format. Non-wrestling fans won't get any of that - it was all new to me, though I think I did recognize that Dwayne Johnson guy (he did other things, right?) - but will still find the movie fun, funny and heartwarming. For once, I didn't mind the real people showing up in the credits. They actually ARE hilarious! 1 year 8 months ago
  2. catherinefrances's avatar


    A very wholesome film and nothing quite like what the trailer represents. I very much liked the sibling dynamic and the humour was so natural and witty, would highly recommend. 1 year 7 months ago
  3. buc86's avatar


    As someone that has never been able to get into wrestling, this was actually a really interesting insight into what it really takes to be part of the WWE. It's a mix of training to be a professional athlete with training to be an actor. I didn't even know they choose there character's name and personality when they are starting out. Does that mean the stuff they say on the mic is all improv?

    This was also a film I knew almost nothing about before I started watching, I knew it was a comedy, that The Rock was in it and it had a large cast, so I was actually expecting The Rock to be the main character and it would be about his dysfunctional family. I think I enjoyed a lot more knowing so little about it going in.

    I the only major gripe I have with the film is there are way too many characters. You don't really need the other brother in prison, the girlfriend's parents or those tree other women she trains with. I understand they were probably people she crossed paths within reality, but they could have just cut them.

    I also think The Rock's role was completely pointless and nothing more than fan service. He's a good actor, but him just showing up and talking to these random kids like he's got all the time in the world just took me out of the film for a time.

    They had a good cast here but I was a little disappointed by Lena Headey and Vince Vaughn's performances, the two lead kid's and Nick Frost were all really good though.

    I'm also just a major sucker for brother-sister stories, it's such a fascinating relationship where they kind of have to get along because they are stuck together for life. At least you know they can't end up together at the end.
    2 months 3 weeks ago
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