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109 min.
Will Gluck
Romance, Comedy
Rating *
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2.7% (1:37)
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  1. Pristine's avatar


    I was positively surprised. This was the first film ever where I didn't dislike Mila Kunis. Her raspy voice has deepened through the years, which has played a key part in annoying me before. Her character was absolutely wonderful, compared to the average chick-flicks out there, witty, fast-paced and well-written.

    Justin Timberlake on the other hand... his character was surprisingly bland, although I'm not sure whether that's because he was the counterpart to Mila Kunis (seriously, he just doesn't have nearly enough character and charisma compared to her), or if just bad writing.


    The real problem I have with these chick flicks, not this one specifically, is that they fuel the illusion of casual sex becoming a serious relationship. It's an illusion which in real life will not ever happen, or happens as often as winning the lottery, so virtually nonexistent. Chick flicks keep giving these pipe dreams to romantic girls and women who want to believe in something which at best is the fastest way to break your heart, at worst... One day you wake up in a shitty job, supporting two kids with different dads who're never there and still hope for the white knight to sweep you off your feet.

    Newsflash: That will never happen. Stop substituting your own dreams with chick flicks. There's no magic that'll turn a hookup into a husband.

    Also, this applies to women and men alike. If someone wants you only for a booty call, that is not love, and will not turn into love. Stop fooling yourself.
    5 years 11 months ago
  2. Victorialie's avatar


    WAY better than No Strings Attached, but still a waste of time. Dialogue is overkill and the movie tries to hard.. I wasn't convinced by Timberlake or Kunis and actually found myself more bummed that the other guy Kunis character had an encounter with was an asshole, than I was when the leads hit some rocky ground. 6 years 9 months ago
  3. Angellike's avatar


    Surprisingly good feel-good/chick-flick. Obviously it includes a fair amount of clich├ęs and happy coincidences but it's still quite enjoyable. 6 years 5 months ago
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