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134 min.
David Ayer
Action, Drama, War
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4.7% (1:21)
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  1. Ressa's avatar


    I think Fury is what it attempts to be. David Ayer wrote and directed a raw, unsentimental and explicit war movie without bullshit. I don't see the lack of background stories as a bad thing. There is none, because Ayer doesn't want there to be. It's war in its rawest form "Dont get to close to anyone" as Pitt aka. ‘Wardaddy’ tells ‘Norman’ in the beginning. This goes for us too. Even though we don't know the crews childhood background Ayer and the fine acting performances manage to establish both repulsion, sympathy and understanding for the 5 main characters.

    This movie is not propagandic or patriotic, as some comments suggest, when all the killing, badmouthing and so on aren't objectively justified in the movieplot. We simply just see the war from the view of a single American tanks crew. That's it! And my guess is that such a crew really wasn't fund of German Soldiers in real life either, but that's doesn't mean they are right about everything they say and that the Germans weren't humans. We are just shown what possible could have happened in a American tank. Nothing else is insinuated.

    I agree that it is not a deep movie full of character-development and well-written dialogue, but it doesn't tries or needs to be. It has its flaws and weaknesses, but basically fulfills its goal. Fury is in the end, and in all its simplicity, a good and entertaining war movie in in my opinion.
    9 years 5 months ago
  2. DisneyStitch's avatar


    I think it's because I've seen way too many war pictures to name, but I really didn't think it was nearly as groundbreaking as some of the pundits are claiming it to be. We hardly get any back story on all the characters we see and so it makes it very difficult to get in touch with any of them. Even Pitt's character is merely just "another guy in a tank" along with the rest of the cast. It is very gritty however and you can tell they were going for a Saving Private Ryan-ish kind of vibe for many scenes but it doesn't resonate nearly as well. It's an entertaining movie but I won't be putting it anywhere near my top 10 war picture list anytime soon. 9 years 7 months ago
  3. crazy_bitch's avatar


    Sadly, not a good movie. It has some good angles and ideas but never delivers - it makes an honest attempt at being about the real horror of war, and it does so by being gritty and brutal, but it just never feels right because it's so unrealistic.
    At the start it's still pretty decent and seems to have potential, but then it becomes more and more absurd and towards the end I just wondered why Ayer wanted so much to make World War II look like Star Wars with his fictional tracer effects.
    Another thing that disturbed me (although if this was the only problem with the film, I wouldn't complain) is the lack of detail when it comes to the Germans and German. For once, all German soldiers seem to be the same familiar "evil villan" persona; which we might overlook since we see them from the perspective of the tank crew. As for the language, the German dialoge is full of phrases and sentences that are grammatically correct, but not something a German would say. I'm a native speaker of German and I had to translate what was said into English to make sense of a lot of things. That means all the lines were written in English and then translated into German, which often gives a result that's just odd. Maybe I'm splitting hairs by faulting the movie for this, but I see it as a symptom of the lack of care that was put into many aspects of this production.
    8 years ago
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