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96 min.
Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Action, Fantasy, Thriller
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0.9% (1:117)
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  1. kurozuya's avatar


    this was essentially the visual and thematic experience of being punched in the gut by someone dressed up as the angel of death, who is maybe also on fire.....yeah.
    ...i kinda loved it?
    7 years 6 months ago
  2. dpanter's avatar


    There is one brilliant detail in GR2 that I will praise, and that is the choice of bike for GR. The Yamaha V-Max monster machine, glorious and brutal as if from hell itself.

    There is also one unforgivable sin above all others in this pile of bovine excrement of a movie, and that is the SOUND of the aforementioned bike.. it is replaced with sounds from several other different engines and I screamed my throat raw over this horrible crime. The V-Max has a great sound and it is beyond worthless that they couldn't sample it properly and use it.
    I will hate you forever for this, Hollywood.

    Can you tell I ride a V-Max myself? :)

    A bad script does not a good movie make. Some lines were so unbelievably corny that I choked on my popcorn. Delivered by a tired and uninspired Cage, the script dies silently and prays the special effects will carry the burden instead. The effects are good, yep. Beautiful fire, and lots of it! But when the effects take up so much room... you just know something is wrong.

    Then again we have the 'new and improved' GR, complete with nervous ticks and "cool" oneliners. Head-bobbing dance? Roadkill? OMFG.
    Cage looks old, worn and bloated. The guy should retire before he becomes a jok-- uh, right... Too late, I guess.
    Whatever was decent with the first movie has been diluted and lost in the sequel, giving way to over-the-top special effects.

    Am I sorry I watched it? Not really.
    Would I recommend it to anyone? Not really.

    DanielRoffle: do tell where you saw Dominic West, I missed him both in the movie and the credits :)
    11 years 2 months ago
  3. Maxahlia's avatar


    Well, at least the poster is cool. The movie needs some Ritalin though. Way too many tricks and cheap effects and not enough... well, anything else really. Also, the script was bad. 9 years 3 months ago
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