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It had potential but the plot is a mess
6 years ago
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As the other commenters were wondering, I went to see this when it was a theatre play, so I can say that it works much better as play, where the cliched nature of the stories take second place to the special effects and scares. Having Andy Nyman chat to you from the stage like he's giving you a lecture about some ghost stories he's collected also works much better than seeing him actually getting involved in the plots and interviewing people.

I still quite enjoyed the film, though. It kind of works as a love-letter to the horror anthologies of the 70s and classic ghost stories.
3 years 4 months ago
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Hated the ending.
5 years 7 months ago
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Dan Bull

When I saw this film I wondered why the lead actor was so bad compared to the other actors in the film. I thought "he must have had some control over the production and insisted on himself taking the lead".

Apparently so, Andrew Nyman wrote and directed the movie and decided the best casting for the lead role would be Andy Nyman, even though it clearly becomes apparent that he can't act very well at all. Most of the time he looks like an animatronic AI trying out a new facial expression for the first time.

The film had some nice creepy moments though and was scarier than season 1 of the TV show "American Horror Story".

The plot twist at the end was so clichéd that I remember a boy at my middle school being told off by our English teacher for using the same conceit in his homework because it was so lazy.
4 years 8 months ago
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While watching this, I thought several times that is seemed like something a high school student would write at our annual original short plays. Imagine my satisfaction when the credits rolled and it was based on a stage play! I always enjoy when my suspicions are confirmed. Like other people said, there was some potential? My fear alarms went off several times, unfortunately in response to cliched filmmaking that does the same old SUDDEN LOUD NOISE IS SCARY and BRIEF SHOT OF A GRUNGY SILHOUETTE DOWN A DARK HALLWAY to elicit any feelings of fear. Also, the twist at the end is quite amateur and predictable. I admire independent amateur filmmaking, but unfortunately the end result here doesn’t quite justify its own existence. Ideas are half-formed then quickly dropped to the side, no central cohesion. Feels like randomly turning pages in a novel and skipping all the text between them. Martin Freeman in a suit was hot though, so at least I got something from the experience.
4 years ago
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Il film è iniziato da poco. E' stata fatta una breve spiegazione di alcuni personaggi.
Un personaggio chiama il (protagonista?) e gli chiede di investigare su delle storie apparentemente irrazionali, non prima però di averlo insultato ed aver ridicolizzato i suoi lavori.
Ma, dico io, se non c'è stima, perché ti affidi a lui? Spero ci sia una motivazione perché questi insulti gratuiti non mi piacciono nei film se vengono usati per "fare scena". Inoltre il personaggio che lo insulta sarebbe in "fin di vita" però è molto energico, quindi non sono nemmeno bravi a recitare.
4 years 6 months ago
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