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Greta Garbo might be presented as the star but Joan Crawford really steals the show imo.
6 years 6 months ago
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Can I fave twice?
3 years 1 month ago
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So ahead of its time.
1 year 1 month ago
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The granddaddy of intersecting storylines, Grand Hotel has a couple of cute side-stories, but is mostly about five characters whose lives are about to collide. It's the original El Royale! Now, I'm not a big Greta Garbo fan. In fact, her over-dramatic acting better suited to the silent era can be grating, even if it is perhaps justified in this role, that of diva ballerina clearly struggling with bipolar disorder. But if you're also going to have the Barrymore brothers as well, then all is forgiven. They can always be counted on to bring wit, humor, romance and pathos, according to their particular talents. Then there's a young Joan Crawford who puts Garbo to shame because her acting style feels so damn natural and spontaneous. I think I should investigate her career more, I've been entirely too dismissive of her. As tangled webs go, the stories are easy to follow, and they don't go where you think they will. I smiled some, but cried some too, which surprised me, and I like to be surprised.
1 year 2 months ago
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This is the kind of movie I have to watch numerous times to get the full message from. The first few times, it's hard to follow all the plotlines and how they intercept. In the end though, a very good movie.
7 years 4 months ago
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a dull way to introduce the characters in the phone booths. and what a messy final act.
2 years 9 months ago
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