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6/10. Baffled by all the superlative reviews. Technically remarkable, but the story? The script? Feh. Jerking around the audience with contrived twists...logical holes...some hokey dialogue...also really hated the overblown way the final scene was directed. Also was disappointed by the ubiquitous musical score -- reviews led me to believe the film was much more bold about depicting the silent isolation of space. Looking forward to all my "downvotes."
9 years 1 month ago
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It's beautifully choreographed & quite enjoyable, but I can't understand all the superlative reviews for a film which hardly has a plot.
9 years 1 month ago
Szilva's avatar


Why is this film considered a Sci-Fi? Really, nothing in it was it. It's rather a thriller than a Sci-Fi.
9 years 1 month ago
devilsadvocado's avatar


I would like someone to show me the page in the official rule book of movies that says a good film must be plot-centric. It's close-minded to hold the story, or lack thereof, against a movie like Gravity seeing as how its aim was to be more of a sensory experience. And as far as fulfilling that aim went, I have to give generous praise to Alfonso Cuaron, Emmanuel Lubezki, and Tim Webber for creating one of the most beautiful cinematic journeys I've experienced in recent years.

I'm not certain, but I have a strong suspicion that Gravity's look and feel was inspired in part by the movie Enter the Void. It's a very similar trip in terms of sensory stimulation (not to mention depravation), POV, and spiritual themes of death. The only thing that holds me back from placing Gravity on the same high pedestal as Enter the Void is unfortunately -- as other commenters have lamented -- the terrible dialogue.
8 years 11 months ago
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It seems people don't understand what plot means any more.
9 years ago
God's avatar


Planet Earth is bluuuue and there's nothing I can doooo
9 years 1 month ago
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This movie made me dizzy, but in a good way! (2) The film will make you experience quietude and then have moments that invigorate the fuck out of you.
9 years 1 month ago
moontopmountain's avatar


Gorgeous to look at with a fantastic opening but the rest? I don't know exactly what i expected going in, i had only seen the trailer and plotwise i had read nothing so i think i'm partly to blame for my dissapointment but nethertheless, i really don't see the praise for this film. Cuarón does a great job at placing the viewer in the claustrophobic situation of the astronauts but soon after the terrifying initial sequence the film seems to veer off into superhuman-action film territory, with Sandra Bullock's character spoiler, only for another inconvenient disaster to turn up soon after ready for the CGI-danger fest to start all over again. We spend very little time with the characters before the danger begins, so subsequently George Clooney is reduced to a wisecracking 'hero' for the entirety of his screen time while Sandra Bullock's emotional core seems to revolve around spoiler, explained in a couple of minutes toward the beginning complete with tear jerking strings and standard Sad Hollywood Backstory dialogue. I'm all for 'experiencing' films and i understand that the focus of Gravity is on that very experience but for me it was like having the wires and pulleys showing behind the stage, once the structure was exposed i could only sit and wait for the next inevitable Epic Soundtrack backed certain-death situation to appear for Bullock to miraculously escape (and of course she will) and that really stopped me from enjoying the 'ride'.

The visuals really are stunning though and full props to Cuarón for trying something genuinely new with the power of CGI and 3D (which for the first time i felt was really used well), it will be interesting to see what filmmakers do with Gravity's ideas in the future. For me though this was a familiarly hollow experience.
9 years ago
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While its story is somewhat thin, the immersive and breathtaking visuals of gravity create a film-going experience like no other. Solid acting, pulse-pounding action, amazing visuals. Not to be missed.
9 years 1 month ago
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Devastatingly beautiful. I'm claustrophobic and empathetic so to me this was extremely emotional and almost physically exhausting. Space, accompanied only by deep waters, is the thing that I am both most afraid of and most fascinated by. I really enjoy films that make me anxious this way. I like to be reminded how insignificant I am on an universal scale, rather than just on a planetary one. As a person I'd like to have a purpose, but I really don't and so it's comforting to remember none of you guys matter either.
9 years ago
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Nowhere Man

Fantastic visuals. Preposterous plot. Dreadful dialogue.

Buzz Lightyear's cameo offered some comic relief.
9 years 1 month ago
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This is not sci-fi. It's set in space and is certainly fiction, but I don't think those are justifiable qualifications.
8 years 10 months ago
Vetle Haeg Nymoen's avatar

Vetle Haeg Nymoen

Amazing sound and visuals! An exciting movie with an increadible atmosphere trough the whole film.
9 years ago
nymusix's avatar


I don't know if I could watch Gravity again without having a heart attack. With that said, this film is absolutely amazing.Technically flawless, which is crazy when you consider how much the film has done that is completely unique and original. And emotionally taxing in exactly the ways in which it was intended. The best movie of the year, simply put.
9 years 1 month ago
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This movie made me dizzy, but in a good way! Sandra Bullock's breathing added to the experience but was a little too much throughout the entire movie. Watch in IMAX 3D if possible.
9 years 2 months ago

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