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So beautiful *-* It's a wonderful movie...
11 years 10 months ago
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I've seen this so many times, yet I always cry at the end. Unbelievably beautiful stuff, Miyazaki-San!
11 years 10 months ago
Prof. Lumpcicle's avatar

Prof. Lumpcicle

You know it's overrated when it only appears on IMDB lists.
12 years 3 months ago
Multatula's avatar


I just love this movie, it is beautiful in all ways.
12 years 5 months ago
samfishers's avatar


It is one of my most favorite movie by Miyazaki. Without a doubt. It transported me back in childhood!
12 years 6 months ago
Dieguito's avatar


Beautiful movie.
12 years 10 months ago
AtomicSquid's avatar


Would have been my favorite but they rushed the ending.....
13 years 1 month ago
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lovely film! it felt like a dream~
13 years 2 months ago
Kotori Kaji's avatar

Kotori Kaji

I love this film.
13 years 5 months ago
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I thought it was an excellent and original movie. Really a must-see!
13 years 6 months ago
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estoy enamorada de estas pelĂ­culas
2 years 10 months ago
dippygirl78's avatar


I just don't get it? Am I missing something?? You would think I'd learn after wasting my time on Spirited Away. My friend loves all this Anime but I JUST DON'T GET IT!!
3 years 7 months ago
elgw's avatar


Any movie that can be watched 4 times in one weekend has to be really, really good! My first Miyazaki and my favorite, although they're all beautiful.
10 years 1 month ago
JCS's avatar


Hard to follow Spirited Away, but pretty good.
12 years 7 months ago
SilverB33's avatar


Was a really good movie, and I think certain people need to pay better attention when watching the film.
12 years 10 months ago

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