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108 min.
Malcolm Venville
Crime, Drama, Comedy
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1.3% (1:79)
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  1. yukononun's avatar


    It's not an action film. It's barely even a comedy.
    This is actually a romantic drama with a tiny bit of action and comedy sprinkled in.
    Does this make it a bad film? No.

    Judging by a couple of the comments, people were expecting this to be a heist film. To be honest, that's what I expected too. Fortunately for me (as I'm not a huge fan of action films), I decided to give this a chance just for Keanu.

    It's not a perfect film, but it's a very enjoyable one. The characters have great chemistry, and it's not very predictable (other than a couple of moments). Keanu was great, as always, and everyone else had a chance to shine. The romance was sweet and believable, and although the ending was a bit awkward it wasn't too cliche.

    It's a pretty slow-moving film so it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea (again, see the comments), but for people who like romantic drama slow-burners, I'd recommend watching this one.
    5 years ago
  2. kori's avatar


    you, sir, have never seen cyborg cop 2. 13 years 1 month ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    Sometimes, you can just sort of tell they've cast Keanu Reeves in a movie because the character is meant to be emotionally undemonstrative. I think that's the case with Henry's Crime, an odd, but ultimately forgettable heist picture in which he plays a man who goes to prison for a crime he didn't commit, nor defended himself against. His mysterious reasons create some intrigue through the first act, I suppose, but the answers aren't exactly psychologically sound. Once out, he decides to commit the crime he was in for with the help of James Caan's confidence man (and he generally steals the show). Vera Farmiga is the acerbic actress from the theater next to the bank who he falls in love with, which could upend the entire plan. There's at least an attempt to make things more interesting by having Keanu get a role in the play, and Chekhov's Cherry Orchard kind of mirroring the plot of the film (indeed there's more of this than the mechanics of the heist itself). However, it all falls a little flat because so many elements are unconvincing. Is the play supposed to be bad or not? Does the movie earn the right to pull a Moulin Rouge like it does? Too many questions and plot holes than can be glossed and papered over, though it's watchable for the time it lasts. 4 years 6 months ago
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