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Based on the Hell's Angels manga, the Hells anime could and should have been much shorter as you do feel the serialized nature of the original material, including repeated information that made me wonder if the film started life as a series (it didn't). Rinne is a schoolgirl who finds herself in Hell without having died and has to go to high school with demons some of which show their inspiration (there's a witch-like Kiki, a Phantoma out of De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise, Steela could be an Astro-Boy type, and Rinne herself is rather like one of the Sailor Scouts, with a Luna-like cat companion). It's a weird situation that gets weirder and weirder, converging on the First Murder (Cain has been reincarnated into Helvis, a demon Presley headmaster, just to give you one example), and because it's so weird, Rinne is often asking what the hell is happening. It's just that she's just been told in the previous scene. Still, she wins the day with school spirit, friendship and love, the film's visuals are completely insane, and it's so wild (not to say frenetic) as to be unpredictable, which counts for a lot.
2 months 3 weeks ago
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