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This was a great way to end the TSPDT list, very underrated film, as it should be on many more lists, especially the Italian one. The difference between this film and a lot of other strike/union related films, is that it has a sense of humor and is not taken with its own self importance. As a matter a fact, the film is quite measured and cautious in its outlook. There are no heroics here, everybody is a full fledged human being with his/her weaknesses and strengths. Mastroianni is particularly wonderful here in a very nuanced performance, where he goes from nebbish professor to inspirational and powerful leader in matters of seconds. The script is very strong and Rotunno's cinematography is excellent. Monicelli injects the film with so many details that hit their mark, that he has gone from a very good director to a great one in my estimation. The early scenes at the factory are truly remarkable in a uniquely cinematic way. They hardly contain any dialogue and put you in the workers place in a remarkably efficient way.

Highly recommended.
8 years 4 months ago
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Masterfully done.
8 years 3 months ago
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Louis Mazzini

Criterion blu-ray release 24 April 2012
9 years ago
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Great film.
8 years 8 months ago
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