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110 min.
Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein
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2.9% (1:35)
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  1. lefruit's avatar


    This movie has received a lot of slack but can I just say that I LOVED this movie... as someone who struggles with body image and self-esteem issues this movie hit home, and Amy did a wonderful job. It is a hilarious pick-me-up and in my opinion, what almost every girl goes through on a daily basis. 2 years 10 months ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    I Feel Pretty is getting a lot of grief and while it is by no means a perfect movie, I do not think the arguments against it hold much water. If you judge it by its premise, it is indeed cringy for Amy Schumer's character to think herself beautiful only because she's brain damaged. But I think you're supposed to cringe. Wrapping women's confidence up in the way they look may be an unpalatable ideal, but it IS a socially-reinforced REALITY. (Note also her love interest, whose insecurities come from a lack of virility, same thing, and the film goes farther in showing how even the beautiful people are taught to hate themselves for this or that.) The women I saw this with found it eminently relatable, and felt at odds with themselves when they noted one unattractive trait or other in Schumer's Renée, and had to dismiss it as "learned behavior". While I myself find Schumer, if not beautiful, charming as hell in this, but that only made her more sympathetic, and I'll admit to relating to the material as well. Who HASN'T had insecurities that under the microscope proved to be baseless or irrelevant? At its weakest, I Feel Pretty has the same mechanical plot as other high-concept romcoms (I'm reminded of 13 Going on 30 for some reason) and many have criticized the cosmetics company setting as a diffusion of anything the movie is trying to say (you're beautiful, but buy our make-up). I get it, but it also smacks of "there's only one kind of feminism" and there's nothing wrong with women (or anyone) translating their identities through clothes or make-up, and it would be naive to think that a confident Renée would throw the rouge brushes out the window. That's not our world, and it has nothing to do with the point of her story. There's a lot more subtext in this than people are willing to give it, no doubt because the final message is hit on the head so hard. But subtext there is. The conversation this movie has started alone is, I think, valuable in and of itself. 2 years 9 months ago
  3. buc86's avatar


    The main thing that bugs me about this film is that it seems like Amy Schumer's character lacks self-confidence, and the mere fact she thinks she’s beautiful suddenly fixes that? I don’t think that’s how self-confidence works, it’s not just about what you think others think of you, it’s about feeling competent and capable at whatever situations life throws at you. Just thinking you are beautiful might help with that, but you need more than just that.

    But I did like that we never see what Amy Schumer's character thinks she looks like, so all we see is the same person simply acting more confident.
    2 years 7 months ago
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