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    Film, music, and literature enrich my life. Here's to sharing.
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    “Dear whoever you might be, I’m still waiting patiently.”
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    Unofficial iCheckMovies Forum Join the unofficial iCheckMovies forum!

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    Margot Robbie completely disappears into this role. So nicely edited as well.
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    patrickness, Mario G, Malex92, and 33 others robertbeck, Asathor, Elebert, dr_red33, Genshiken, Zimonio, juteuxx, martinhalldin, LINKIN, visnekiraz, smith1979, Roven, Deejatron, lynnejones1998, Jontaquestion, jnsschilder, NDono, mterry1988, xsanchezv, omgi, jmuaesthetic, katyrow, Barefoottoe, b2010, lpardy, gelosan, nostaw, myshouldershurt, ran, cfish80, peterskb45, monajustin and adivinis checked this movie 2 days 17 hours ago
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    Mario G

    Not on IMDb:
    4 musketara (2003), 5 Pieces of Heart (2013), 38 izvodov (2011), 3000 života leptira (2009), 9006 (1998), A Linguagem da Persuasão (1970), A Nomad Boy (1960), acceleratedlines~ (2005), Aeromiting u Novom Sadu (1929), Ahasver (1964), Ajde! (2009), Akademija republika...
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    Cinematography student from Helsinki, Finland.
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    Simply love movies, I don't care how good, how bad, how smart, how stupid; if it's a moving picture I will most likely watch it. Like my icon, I will take the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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    The first movie I watched was probably a disney or a musical. My favourite kind of movie is comedy, thriller or romance. I HATE coffee, but I like tea because it's sweeter...
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