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Monica Vitti in color!
7 years ago
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This movie made me want to clean my room
8 years 9 months ago
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Michelangelo Antonioni for me is the greatest real artist in movies. The cinematography of all his movies are perfect and stunning, and he couldn't do less in his first color movie!! Colors are very intense in Il Deserto Rosso, even most scenes tending to grey. And the indescribable joy of watching Monica Vitti in colors!!
9 years 10 months ago
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Michelangelo Antonioni treats his first color film, Red Desert, as an exploration of color. It doesn't just happen to BE in color, it presents people and objects as blocks of vibrant color in bleak, almost black and white, spaces, separating (and that's a key word) or integrating his characters into the world he's, painter-like, created. Monica Vitti (who I could watch all day, what a presence) is a woman very much separate from her world, incapable of adjusting, suffering from anxiety and what today we would call PTSD following a car accident. Her husband, her son, her friends, her lover all cause her to feel estrangement, and Antonioni translates that into images and sounds - the musique concrete is as industrial as the backgrounds, filled with acid smoke, blank walls, robotic toys, and ships seemingly floating through the landscape. The film is entirely about an existential crisis isolating her character, and in the end, she's merely learned to avoid the "triggers". She copes, but one can ask if coping is the same as adjusting. The birds that avoid the factory smoke have not learned to breathe it. A gorgeous, elliptical film, and though it doesn't have the vocabulary to talk about mental illness the way we understand it today (Vitti's character is perhaps only "fragile", not to use the word "hysterical", which the film thankfully doesn't), it still resonates with truth.
1 year 11 months ago
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The cinematography and Vitti's performance... so great.
9 years 2 months ago
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I'm with Scream1008 on this one - I didn't get a great deal out of it, as beautiful as some of the imagery was. Vitti's performance was also not especially convincing in its histrionics coupled with the odd casting of Richard Harris. Lacking the mystery element of fantastic films like L'avventura, The Passenger and Blow Up this one bored more than enthralled.
9 years 6 months ago
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-I'm scared of colors!
-Let's bang.
3 years 11 months ago
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I think I admired the filmmaking more than I enjoyed watching it. Very slow moving...L'avventura is certainly better imo
10 years 3 months ago
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Incredible film. A visual masterpiece. I love how dramatically subtle Antonioni's films are.
11 years ago
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I found this beautiful... but empty.
2 years 5 months ago
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