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Should not have been made; everything about it is wrong.
3 years 1 month ago
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Awful, as if I didnt think this film could be as bad as it was. Was really looking forward to a sequel-the aliens had 20 years to prepare, the humans had 20 years to prepare and the script writers took 20 minutes
3 years ago
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Horrendous. I went into more than willing to tolerate a few boners; but this just went far beyond the pale of shitty film-making.

I'd say 5.9 is generous. VERY generous.
3 years 4 months ago
ALifeOfArcticSounds's avatar


Hot garbage!
3 years 4 months ago
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The most interesting aspect of ID42:R, for me, was how heavily it reminded me of cheesy Japanese monster/alien movies. And from the way this develops, it looks like Fox is throwing their hat in for making this a recurring Godzilla-like franchise. This type of thing would be nice to have in the US, but it's definitely not the follow-up that fans of the original Independence Day were hoping to see. This is, very much so, a B-Movie.

Speaking of Godzilla, ID42:R does have a lot in common with some of the more recent Japanese entries in that series. This includes the comically one-note characters that you can't begin to care about, cartoonish neon-glowing future-tech, tiny battle machines speckled across the screen that don't accomplish much, obvious green-screen sheen on all of the characters, and a plot that doesn't go anywhere. But at least there's still some cool practical effects in the Godzilla flicks!

What ID42:R certainly does not have is a sense of occasion or gravity. As one of the founding Summer "event" movies, Independence Day felt BIG. It felt massive and important, even if it was cheesy as can be. When the giant ships arrived, you felt like an ant. When the humans were fighting a losing battle, you felt despondent along with them. In ID42:R, everything is bigger, yet also boring. You have no reason to root for anyone, because there's been no character development. You can't feel the destruction, because it's all shown from afar in extreme long shot. No scene feels any more important than the rest, because they all have the same pacing. This is the Star Wars prequel problem in spades: More stuff on screen does not make it better; it makes it jumbled and messy.

Several times during ID42:R, I recalled watching Space Battleship Yamato, and how much better a genuine cheesy Japanese alien movie, based on a cartoon, and made for a fraction of the cost, can be. Check out <this scene>. The acting, pacing, clear shot composition, sense of stakes and danger, and great character focus--it's all simply better.

Would I watch ID42:R again? Nah..
3 years 4 months ago
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2 years 11 months ago
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The best part of this horrible movie is when the credits start rolling and the original theme music starts playing to your nostalgic desire.
3 years 3 months ago
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So many stupid cliches
3 years 4 months ago
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Another disappointing sequel. very very disappointing one
3 years 1 month ago
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Nice effects, but a cliché story, problem, solve it with the simply logic attack, fail, new solution, try to solve it, fail again, end is near, last hope and end of man kind is near unless .. whoopdie fukking doo wubbalubadubdub we can just save ourselfs in the last minute.. the movie is full of errors on a major scale, and i mean a big big scale. Like something that big touching down as big as the pacific and after touching earth it gives a small tsunami and destroys almost everything it touches and that's it.. if something that size would impact, i mean i'm not a scientist, but i think the planet would evaporate or split or earthquakes would rupture immensily and ah i don't even wan't to begin, about all the other errors and bs.. but yeah, american dream victory hoorah, let's wait another 20 years for a sequel that's gets worse with another 90%
3 years 3 months ago
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The worst movie I've seen at the theatre in years. The original was a fun action film, this was a tired, retread snorefest.
3 years 4 months ago
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Terrible sequel. Really like the Original. This movie is a complete waste of time and money. Too bad.....
1 year 5 months ago
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Independence Day: Resurgence doesn't seem to know it came out 20 years after its predecessor. It says it does, as it takes place 20 years later, presumably in a world devoid of landmarks, but director Roland Emerich (part of my trifecta of unwatchables, with Michael Bay and Zack Snyder) is pretty sure you JUST saw ID4, because he fails to put any of the relationships back in context. We meet a billion characters, and some might have a relationship to the ones from the first movie, I'm not always sure. In any case, ID4-2 keeps cutting from thing to thing, with characters popping up without so much as a word as to how they got there, the plot lacking so much linking material, you can hardly feel it's there. And if the original was physics-optional, this one doesn't even GIVE you the option. The alien ship is literally as big as the moon and sits itself down over the entire Atlantic Rim. A lot of shooting and destruction porn ensue. To be fair, ID4 INVENTED destruction porn, so it makes sense for this one to indulge, and while those moments are sometimes imaginative, the characters characteristically look on with a faint smile as if millions of people weren't being killed. I guess that's the essence of destruction porn. A few crazy/cool moments aside (the city bombing, the kaiju queen), this is just one big impenetrable mess.
1 year 5 months ago
ikkegoemikke's avatar


"Are we dead? We're okay. You peed in your pants? Uh, yeah. Yeah, me too."


I never thought I would miss Will Smith in a movie. Well, for everything there's a first time. And damn, I missed our friend Smith in this sequel of the blockbuster from 1996. Not because of his acting talent or his good looks. But because of his dry humor and his sometimes hyperactive behavior. Smith was honored by the brief display of a picture somewhere in a presidential corridor. His absence in this film was due to a fatal accident during a test flight (Personally I think the paycheck was a disappointment to him). As a worthy successor his stepson Dylan (Jessie T. Usher and fortunately not Smith's son Jaden himself) is summoned to help.

The big difference with its predecessor, is the total lack of credibility and excitement. In the blockbuster of 1996, the alien invasion was so brilliantly portrayed, that if we ever expect something to happen like this, it'll look exactly the same. In this movie everything is so over the top and out of proportion, that it starts to look ridiculous. For instance the dimensions of the alien ship. This giant ship covers almost a quarter of the planet. The advantage is that the devastation and ravages are so immense that the images of destruction are really impressive. I'm sure the CGI department was asked to get the maximum out of their computer systems. When those immense landing gears of the colossal spaceship dig into the earth's surface, it provides hallucinatory images. Quite some mainland is plowed and a huge tsunami hurtles across the continents. Compared to this, the one in "San Andreas" was a tiny wave.

About the story itself. Don't expect too much content or groundbreaking innovations compared to the previous one. It's more or less a second attempt of the alien warlords to conquer Earth and plunder resources. The only difference is that by studying the extraterrestrial material, left behind after the first confrontation, mankind has been able to develop their scientific knowledge drastically. The result is a mega plant on the moon in order to counter new attacks. The creation of a futuristic-looking society. A defense system around our planet by means of armed satellites. And the technology for intergalactic traveling at light speed. However, they didn't realize that twenty years ago a distress signal was sent from an alien ship, situated in the African desert where African rebels waged a long war against Martians which were wandering in the desert. They researched alien technology thoroughly. But the disorder in the X-band frequency detected the moment the mother ship was destroyed, apparently was a hard nut to crack . The result is a second attack. An unstoppable attack according to former President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) : "They are coming back. And this time we won't be able to stop them".

The cast is a mixture of veterans who appeared in the old movie and a new generation. So you can see Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch and Brent Spiner again, as their twenty year older alter ego. Their appearance reminds you again how fast years flew by. Their intelligence is still as fresh and spry as before. Most problems are solved in an instant by shrewd proposals and intuitive inventions. A little too quickly in my opinion. This made it quite implausible. And this way the tension was completely ruined. Furthermore, I couldn't really appreciate the sometimes corny humor. All in all, this second film is a little bit of a setback. Granted, the images look spectacular. The special effects are majestic (but that was to be expected). And the action scenes are phenomenal. But there was no magical moment in this film. It wasn't really that impressive. But when you fancy a visual spectacle, this blockbuster should be on your bucket list. I just hope the descendants of those pesky aliens won't come up with the same idea in 20 years.

More reviews here : http://bit.ly/1KIdQMT
2 years 7 months ago
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Is it possible that it makes the original look like a doggone masterpiece in comparison? Yes, yes it is. It's hard to describe how pointless and totally unnecessary this movie is. To make it even worse, it's a near carbon copy of the last movie down to the plot points. I mean come on, didn't the characters learn from their mistakes the first time that they decided to repeat them point for point 20 years later? It's a shame because with a group of dedicated writers they could have turned it into something worth watching. Instead they decided to go the traditional Hollywod route of money first and making a good movie dead last. It's a shameless cash grab, it literally doesn't even try to hide it.

I have this overwhelming urge to go watch and enjoy the first film...
2 years 11 months ago

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