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5 months 1 week ago
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I was on board with the premise, it was a solid concept which was reminiscent of the likes of Highlander and The Matrix but unfortunately it fell short. It feels as though with a few tweaks here and there, better dialogue, some logical and sensical writing and of course casting, it may have even had the potential to be a modern cult classic. It disappointingly missed the mark and was riddled with cliches and plot holes.

Regarding casting, Wahlberg was an awful choice for the lead and it was near impossible to take him or his character seriously. His dialogue probably didn't do him any favours but it felt as though the studio hired someone they felt had "star power" and "pull" rather than, you know, casting someone who's suitable. Also, he's supposed to be 35? C'mon Marky! Cookson was also underwhelming. She had plenty of screen time yet didn't really bring anything to the table although again, the writing probably didn't help her cause.

All in all I'd conclude that this was a waste of some decent ideas and while it's unlikely I'd recommend it to anyone personally, I don't really understand the pile on of scathing reviews it received as it's no worse, maybe even better than the average money making action blockbuster churned out by Hollywood the likes of which don't usually receive such harsh treatment.
7 months ago
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I dont think it's bad enough to warrant a RT score in the teens, but its not great. At worst it was forgettable. The plot elements like the egg and Walberg having super powers felt more convoluted and confusing than outright dumb. I watched this on a lazy afternoon and im glad i didnt waste actual time on this.

11 months ago
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