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95 min.
Woody Allen
Crime, Drama
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3.7% (1:27)
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  1. Ressa's avatar


    It's not a masterpiece but at a similar level as a lot of Allen's pictures the recent decade or so, which has a fine standard considering his productivity though. It was a very Woodyish experience in style, flow, mood, story and themes - Some philosophy but not too deep (not trying or wanting to be either), some murder mystery and a large portion of dark and joyful humor.

    I had a weird feeling during the first part, because I found it a bit rushed, which makes the whole romance between Phoenix & Stone unnatural and forced to some degree. It's like something is missing. After the first 20 minutes or so, the movie settles and get that familiar Woody-feeling we like. The feeling of a director who's comfortable in his own style and know what he’s doing.
    A feeling which also sometimes, in the recent years, seems to be a secure and safe platform for a certain standard of films from Allens enormous productivity. It's a bit of a shame, I would like to see Allen explore his own skills more, and experiment a little bit.

    I miss a truly noteworthy film from his hands, which we know he is capable of, and I fear he is getting a bit too comfortable in his work - hence unfortunately a bit trivial with such a production-rate. As I understand, he is working on a TV Mini-series. (aren't they all). That sounds exiting, and I'm looking very much forward to this. He is, all in all, a great director in my opinion and maybe this project will once again really show us, what he is capable of..
    4 years ago
  2. NuclearPlanet's avatar


    Actually really enjoyed this one. Anyone who is familiar with Allen's latest work knows it's not safe to except a masterpeice. However this was a fun little film to watch, sparking something interesting questions about philosphy, luck and rationality. 4 years 1 month ago
  3. psdantonio's avatar


    While Woody Allen is my favorite living director, this movie is one better left unseen. It really isn't any good and it's a shame because I also am a fan of Joaquin Phoenix.

    Advice: wait til next year for your Woody Allen fix lest you be sorely disappointed with this one.
    4 years 1 month ago
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