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169 min.
Andy Muschietti
Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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2.4% (1:41)
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  1. HyliaFischer's avatar


    It has some nice horror setpieces, but it's a lot weaker than the first movie.
    It's way too long for its own good and the child protagonists were much more enjoyable than the adult versions.
    You may argue that the novel is very long and therefore needs time and you're right, but they still just left out the wrong things.
    The first movie had a better balance between horror parts and character drama, while this is mainly horror and jumpscare setpieces that go on for 3 hours.
    10 months ago
  2. bklooney's avatar


    They wanted to make a movie based on a book about revisiting childhood traumas, but they also wanted a whacky Evil Dead property.

    It Chapter 2 also doesn't trust it's audience to be able to know when the clown is present hint spoiler and constantly gives it away instead of trying to scare the audience with tension.

    This constant diffusion of tension is especially bad in scenes that are taken from the book. I don't need scenes to be the same as the source material. But when adapting a known property, there is a tension between what the audience is familiar with, and what the adaptation might try. For instance, spoiler.

    Some nitpicky things include Bev's abusive relationship which doesn't come back. Since it is irrelevant to the rest of the story, and to the developement of the character, why even have it?

    The creative team involved set themselves an admittedly hard task as the adult portions of Stephen King's IT are much less interesting than the experiences of the children. I think the same holds true here.
    9 months 3 weeks ago
  3. GreyDragons's avatar


    I haven’t read the book, but the premise was great. Also visualisation was 10/10, the scary stuff was detail all the way and really good. Was i scared? No. The jumpscares were just jammed together most holding no intricate fear background like the first. It could’ve been a good story. But the story telling was very annoying, opening issues and then neglecting then for the rest of the film and just whipping up random irrelevant stuff. It wasnt anything near as funny as the first. The horror was meh, except like 20% of it. 1 month 3 weeks ago
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