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I Lost My Body
81 min.
Jérémy Clapin
Drama, Animation, Fantasy
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9.3% (1:11)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    I am quite impressed with Jérémy Clapin's J'ai perdu mon corps (I Lost My Body), a dark and melancholy animated film which could be described as Homeward Bound with a disembodied hand, a hand that in a way represents its owner's phantom pains, but also a more intense psychological trauma. We really watch two strands, one the hand, and seemingly fate, crossing the city to get back to where it belongs, the other the events leading up to the severing. The former is intercut with tactile memories, uncovering the mystery essentially through what a hand might remember if a hand had memories. The latter is filled with human moments, as Naoufel tries to get closer to a girl he likes (and who sounds like every French girl I've ever met), and not always in the best way. Ultimately, it's about a hand that escaped its fate once, but destiny wants its literal pound of flesh, and so it's about Naoufel getting off the path his trauma has set for him. Once he does, would he then simply disappear from the story, having even escaped the animator's pencil, like a fly? There's more to unpack, including the astute cultural casting that lends even more meaning to Naoufel's sense of isolation and lack of opportunity, but I don't want to give the entire game away. 4 years 5 months ago
  2. Effy Mas's avatar

    Effy Mas

    After watching this animated film I really got a melancholic vibe. In my opinion, the hand is also related to his parents (who used to play musical instruments - especially piano, because it needs a very specific manner of playing). Yes, this film will make you think and show you how it feels to have dreams that never come true. But... I felt that when he cut his hand off with the machine, something changed inside him. He was not the same anymore.
    Wow.. really nice film. With many meanings and points that stand out. Totally recommend to watch.
    4 years 3 months ago
  3. lekast's avatar


    Such a poetic moment. I love how the hand brings back the memories of a happiness and innocent childhood before the drama that will change for ever the life of this mouving young man. 3 years 8 months ago
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