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108 min.
Taika Waititi
Drama, Comedy, War
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8.4% (1:12)
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  1. dajmasta94's avatar


    I wish the entire film had been as brilliant as the open meaning credits...The use of the Beatles singing in German over footage of nazi rallies is the best tonal balance the movie really achieves in regards to tongue in cheek humor/quirkiness as a way to make a point. I wish I could get behind the silliness more but when it comes to tone the comedy is at times restrained and feels appropriate and welcome and at others it intrudes with its lack of subtlety. This shifting tonal issue matches that of the ever shifting accents from many of the ensemble cast, perhaps most blatantly on Sam Rockwell’s part. Despite these grumbles I did enjoy myself while watching and I also cried. What works best in this film is the relationship between mother and son. I think this could have been a much better film for many reasons if some of the blatant comedy was removed. It would surely trim the run time down a bit which wouldn’t hurt, it would kee the tone more consistent and allow me to invest more in the relationships which were pretty well developed and portrayed, being taken out by just barely too broad humor which sometimes seems inspired more by fun on set than as enhancing the film. This feels like a sillier cousin to The Book Thief, which is funny because the tone of THe Book Thief is much more straight however I don’t think it addresses the issues as well as this one does in moments. Somewhere between the two there’s potential for a truly great film. 6.5/10 1 day 7 hours ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    Can you win an Oscar by making Rebel Wilson give a restrained performance? You ought to. All joking aside, Jojo Rabbit is a Hitler Youth comedy for our times, Moonrise Kingdom by way of The Great Dictator. Kids being indoctrinated by the alt-right with YouTube content need to see this, as its 10-year-old lead comes of age through critical thinking. And for adults trying to understand just how innocent children CAN be indoctrinated, it is a well-observed exploration of the innocent mind, blind hero worship, and how games and imagination play a role in character building. Taika Waititi, both as director and in the role of the boy's imaginary friend Adolf Hitler, is precariously perched, but manages a perfect tonal balance. His Nazis are very funny, but you also understand that they are monsters. One of my favorite things is the relationship between the boy and single mom Scarlett Johansson. In a normal film, a child with an overactive imagination is usually misunderstood by their parents, but here, the mother fuels her son's imagination, a necessary escape in a time of hardship and war. She's warm, funny, and imaginative herself. This may be a strange family film, but it works. Eccentric, funny, touching, meaningful, charming, horrifying, inspirational, absurd, and gorgeous to look at. 1 day 18 hours ago
  3. frankqb's avatar


    Jojo Rabbit is an absolutely wild and hysterical imagining of WWII in Germany through the eyes of a fanatical 10 year old boy in the Hitler Youth whose imaginary friend is a very ridiculous Adolf Hitler.

    What wonderful performances from everyone. Sam Rockwell amazes again. The two young leads bleed an adorable chemistry that permeates every corner of the screen. Of course Taika Waititi steals the show as the doofus with the half-stache.

    Ultimately, this is a comic film that tackles several serious subjects - most notably how to be human again after losing yourself, your home and everyone you love. The message Jojo Rabbit represents is that sometimes there is a shared loss of humanity in both those who are oppressed and those doing the oppressing.

    5 stars
    3 days 4 hours ago
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