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124 min.
Colin Trevorrow
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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2.9% (1:35)
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  1. senorroboto's avatar


    The movie leans too much on dinosaurs being cool and Chris Pratt being likable and cool, the writing is really lackluster. The plotting of the two kids is some lazy second-hand Spielbergism.

    The GGI looks great when the camera holds still, but the shots are constantly fast-panning during the action, making the screen a blurry mess. Several scenes seem to be there mostly to have stills of Chris Pratt looking good in front of a motorcycle, on a motorcycle, with a gun on a motorcycle with raptors, etc.

    It also has a dearth of solid female characters when compared to the original. In the original, Laura Dern played a scientist who was attractive but not sexualized, in this it's Bryce Dallas Howard, a neglectful ice queen administrator who just needs to chill out and let Chris Pratt kiss her already. Judy Greer is mostly wasted as a mom who's sad all the time.

    There's some real horror movie cell-phone-itis going on, not sure why they didn't just write them out as not working on the island.

    Need two children to spoiler Leave it in, the people need their nostalgia moment!

    Jurassic World has its moments to be sure, but it's very pandering to the blend of kids and fans of the original, lacking much substance beyond that. In a way it's just like its dinosaurs: a weird hybrid mutant designed for audience marketability, while other concerns take a back seat.

    I liked Colin Trevorrow's Safety Not Guaranteed, hopefully we'll still see some of that kind of work out of him even if this makes $1B
    4 years 8 months ago
  2. nicolekidman's avatar


    So so full of clichés and stereotypical characters. Disappointing. 4 years 7 months ago
  3. Jordan95's avatar


    The long delayed Jurassic World has finally arrived and generally confirmed my pretty low expectations going in. Maybe it's the aftereffect of watching this after the refreshing insanity that was Fury Road, a film I will inevitably compare to every upcoming release this year, or the fact that for all the homages and emulations to Spielberg's classic, Jurassic World never feels particularly inspired, only workmanlike.

    While Jurassic Park excelled in its masterful set-pieces and simple but highly effective characters, Jurassic World suffers from a lack of memorable characters (suffering once again from the "Spielberg child syndrome", but even worse than in a Spielberg-directed-film), an abundance of eye-rolling moments and unnecessary subplots, which only serve to prove once again that humans in the Jurassic Park universe never learn from their mistakes. They'd get along perfectly with the people from the Alien universe.

    The hybrid fells appropiately terrifying and there are certainly more deaths than in any Jurassic film, but oddly enough, the CGI mostly looks inferior to the revolutionary visual effects of the original. Chris Pratt doesn't make much of an impression compared to his charismatic performance in Guardians of the Galaxy and D'Onofrio is sadly wasted in a stereotypical villain role.

    Despite being entertaining for a couple of hours, Jurassic World doesn't retain the wonder nor the great directing from the original film.
    4 years 8 months ago
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