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The movie leans too much on dinosaurs being cool and Chris Pratt being likable and cool, the writing is really lackluster. The plotting of the two kids is some lazy second-hand Spielbergism.

The GGI looks great when the camera holds still, but the shots are constantly fast-panning during the action, making the screen a blurry mess. Several scenes seem to be there mostly to have stills of Chris Pratt looking good in front of a motorcycle, on a motorcycle, with a gun on a motorcycle with raptors, etc.

It also has a dearth of solid female characters when compared to the original. In the original, Laura Dern played a scientist who was attractive but not sexualized, in this it's Bryce Dallas Howard, a neglectful ice queen administrator who just needs to chill out and let Chris Pratt kiss her already. Judy Greer is mostly wasted as a mom who's sad all the time.

There's some real horror movie cell-phone-itis going on, not sure why they didn't just write them out as not working on the island.

Need two children to spoiler Leave it in, the people need their nostalgia moment!

Jurassic World has its moments to be sure, but it's very pandering to the blend of kids and fans of the original, lacking much substance beyond that. In a way it's just like its dinosaurs: a weird hybrid mutant designed for audience marketability, while other concerns take a back seat.

I liked Colin Trevorrow's Safety Not Guaranteed, hopefully we'll still see some of that kind of work out of him even if this makes $1B
5 years 11 months ago
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neko's kat

There are a lot of problems with the plot but I went to the movies for dinosaurs, action and Chris Pratt. And it didn't fail to entertain.
5 years 10 months ago
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So so full of clichés and stereotypical characters. Disappointing.
5 years 10 months ago
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The long delayed Jurassic World has finally arrived and generally confirmed my pretty low expectations going in. Maybe it's the aftereffect of watching this after the refreshing insanity that was Fury Road, a film I will inevitably compare to every upcoming release this year, or the fact that for all the homages and emulations to Spielberg's classic, Jurassic World never feels particularly inspired, only workmanlike.

While Jurassic Park excelled in its masterful set-pieces and simple but highly effective characters, Jurassic World suffers from a lack of memorable characters (suffering once again from the "Spielberg child syndrome", but even worse than in a Spielberg-directed-film), an abundance of eye-rolling moments and unnecessary subplots, which only serve to prove once again that humans in the Jurassic Park universe never learn from their mistakes. They'd get along perfectly with the people from the Alien universe.

The hybrid fells appropiately terrifying and there are certainly more deaths than in any Jurassic film, but oddly enough, the CGI mostly looks inferior to the revolutionary visual effects of the original. Chris Pratt doesn't make much of an impression compared to his charismatic performance in Guardians of the Galaxy and D'Onofrio is sadly wasted in a stereotypical villain role.

Despite being entertaining for a couple of hours, Jurassic World doesn't retain the wonder nor the great directing from the original film.
5 years 11 months ago
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Brandsploitation. Lifeless and pandering.
5 years 11 months ago
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After the interestingly dark but misguided Lost World and competent but bland JP3, we finally get a sequel that recreates the wonder, humour and suspense of the original. Nice to see Hammond's vision come to life.
5 years 11 months ago
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Pretty much every character was completely unlikable. They were about as 2-dimensional as the CG dinosaurs that surrounded them. Garbage movie.
5 years 4 months ago
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Sometimes, you just go to the movies to see dinosaurs fight each other (the Godzilla Principle). I think dinosaur fans deserve better than Jurassic World, though. I mean, I don't begrudge it its unambitious role as a popcorn blockbuster, but it has real tonal problems. There are two deaths in particular, deaths of animals/characters who don't deserve it, that are extended interminably, either for pity or (objectionably) for laughs, and those really pulled me out of the experience. And I'm not sure I ever forgave it those trespasses. But globally, I think the problem is that it's not enough of anything. It's too camp to be good drama. Too serious to be real camp or comedy. It wants to be a kids' adventure, but turns into bloody carnage. It keeps pulling the audience this way and that, and it's not a smooth ride. I mean, if you're going to be ridiculous, and the ending most certainly is, you really gotta go for it. See Mad Max for a good example. And the Mad Max comparison is a fruitful one, because the same way that film featured a number of strong female roles, it's never a good thing to be a woman in Jurassic World. Are we supposed to want Chris "can do no wrong, but not allowed to be as funny here as he was in Guardians" Pratt get together with Bryce Dallas Howard's thoroughly unpleasant character? I can't even recommend the special effects because by now, I'd expect more photorealism than a Walking with Dinosaurs program. This is no Dawn of the Planets of the Apes; you never forget it's all CG. It's not all bad, mind you. Corporatization is all over current science-fiction narratives, and the film uses that to good effect. I don't have anything bad to say about the performances, only the script, and the Park's owner is particularly interesting. The comedy in the control room is essentially the film I wanted to see all the way through. And it does a much better job of justifying its climax than the original film's cheap deus ex machina. Speaking of Jurassic Park, this isn't just a sequel, it's almost fetishistic in its need to refer back to it, to the point where I almost regretted not watching it again before seeing World. Ultimately, it gave me the same feeling as Jurassic Park - entertaining enough while sitting in the theater, but as soon as I walked out into the sunlight, it all evaporated as we got down to poking holes into it.
5 years 10 months ago
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*minor spoilers*

As I write this, over 200 million dollars has been spent over the weekend by people going to see Jurassic World. I’m curious as to what those people thought as they left the theater. Honestly, I have no idea what to think. Part of me thinks it was fun as shit and completely validates the enormous haul it took in over the weekend. Part of me thinks that it was atrocious and makes Jurassic Park 3 look like The Empire Strikes Back. Let’s try to figure this one out together.

There is a big difference between this film and the previous three. The park is open. The park is developed. The park has a shit ton of dinosaurs. The park is so big in fact that the 20,000 people that are currently on the island serve as a main motivation for figuring out how to fix the colossal mess that our smart and sophisticated characters have cooked up. Director Colin Trevorrow and the writing team had to figure out ways to include character development into a setting that also housed thousands of people. Honestly, they didn’t do a bad job…with the main characters. The secondary characters however were misused so bad that I didn’t care at all what happened to them. Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is introduced as a stuck up, out of touch with humanity workaholic that cares more about her job than her two nephews who are visiting the park. Her character, throughout the film, goes through a transformation that I feel was actually earned. Chris Pratt, who by the way was in the Navy if you didn’t know after the 15th time they mentioned it, is a total badass. These two characters are perhaps the only characters in the entire film that I gave a sh*t about. The kids were poorly constructed cliches of boys of their age. The youngest is about 11 and if you didn’t know…eleven year olds are REALLY into dinosaurs. The older one was about 16 and was so stereotypical teenager that the writer might have actually googled “what do teenagers do” when creating him. We’ll get to the rest in a minute.

There is a theme going on right now in Hollywood. Let’s take a director that made a well regarded yet small indie sci-fi film and give them the reigns to a half a billion dollar mammoth of a budget. Josh Trank got Fantastic Four. Gareth Edwards got Godzilla. Rian Johnson got Star Wars. To me, this can either go two ways. You either get a film that has the aesthetics and characteristics of a new era or you get an over zealous attempt to try to join the ranks of superior films. I can’t blame the directors really. It’s like giving the best young go-kart driver the keys to an indy car. I feel that Colin Trevorrow, whole talented, was given the reigns to a franchise that he just wasn’t ready for. I felt the film was trying WAY too hard to do too many things. Because he’s a good director, he succeeded in some places. Other places he failed miserably. Let’s see what he did right.

The effects

I’ll admit. The effects in this were pretty awesome. Sure the sight of CGI dinosaurs was a bit distracting at first, but you got used to it and started to get a feel for why they had to be CGI. There were scenes in this film where you just couldn’t use anything else but CGI. The action in this film was all over the place instead of precisely timed bursts. There were only a few scenes that slowed down enough for the SFX tea to use animatronics instead of computer generated dinosaurs. That being said, the action scenes were well done. The last battle was one of the best of the entire series and had me actually on the edge of my seat. All the dinosaurs were rendered beautifully and the film was actually pretty violent. One death scene in particular was especially gruesome. It involved basically being repeatedly dragged around and eaten by two dinosaurs. I’m shocked that got through the censors considering this film is rated PG-13. The SFX team did a great job.

The acting

This is a case where the efforts of few trumped the many. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard knocked it out of the park. Chris Pratt should basically be in everything as far as I’m concerned. He’s the Harrison Ford of this generation. He’s funny, endearing, physically built, and just melts into every scene his is in so naturally that it draws you into the movie better. Bryce Dallas Howard’s transformation towards the end won me over. I was reminiscent of Noomi Rapace in Prometheus where, once the shit starts to hit the fan, a true horror actress blossoms out of nothing. The dirtier Howard got in the film, the better and more believable she got. The rest of the cast was very meh, but I enjoyed the two leads so much that it didn’t matter. Now let’s get to my biggest gripe with the film, and ultimately the reason I didn’t love the movie…

The Script

The movie went from boring to “WHAT THE FUCK AM I WATCHING?” so fast that my head spun. There were so many peppered in jokes that weren’t funny that I started to get embarrassed and covered my face. There were cliche kiss scenes, predictable dialogue, and the near cock tease of character development before an untimely death. I won’t name the characters, but there are at least two that have completely unnecessary character development that leads straight to a death. You can’t do that. That is Game of Thrones type shit that I get so frustrated with. I’m not saying you can’t kill a character. I’m not saying that every character that dies has to have no back story. They way they did it in the film though, was just so silly. Let’s just say that the same reason I hated Bane’s death in The Dark Night Rises is the same gripe I have with the two main characters who die in this film. At least give them something special to go out on except a death scene cut right to another action piece.

I also had a huge problem with how they used the raptors.

*this might get spoiler-y*

Raptors are feared dinosaurs in every single film about dinosaurs that has ever existed. This film treats them like dogs. It LITERALLY treats them like dogs, complete with obedience, loyalty, and feelings. I’m sorry, but Raptors don’t have fucking feelings. They don’t get sentimental about a character who feeds them. Hell, if the film showed us that Chris Pratt raised these fuckers from birth it’d be one thing. The film made it a mission to point out that every single dinosaur on the island was genetically created and modified by scientists. These things should have only two functions, which actually gets pointed out in the film…eating, hunting, and fucking. That’s all. No fucking memories of when Chris Pratt threw rats at us and used his clicker thingie to get us to chase goats. Fuck that. That’s stupid. The fact that they actually have full on conversations with each other…and another specific dinosaur…is just stupid. I’m not talking about dinosaur language. I’m talking about literally at one point one dinosaur looks at another and says “thanks for fighting with me. It has been a pleasure” while the other dinosaur responds “the pleasure was all mine.”. That’s how it was shot. That’s how it was conveyed. I literally threw my hands up and said aloud “what the fuck is going on?”

Look, I don’t expect Scorsese or Kubrick when I go see a film about a dinosaur amusement park. The film was fun and was filled with action and Chris Pratt. That alone is worth your 13 dollars. I could not however get over the stupid jokes at inopportune times, the cliche “every Michael Bay has these” moments of dialogue and kiss scenes, and the complete misuse of terror inducing velocoraptors like they were dogs. Trevorrow seemed to change his mind constantly throughout the film about what kind of movie this was going to be. The plot was all over the place, trying to be funny one moment, while switching gears on a dime and expecting the audience to be terrified. It’s a mess.

Yet, the film is making a shit ton of money. There will be more. I hope they find good writers but as long as Chris Pratt is involved, I’ll go see it.

Also, Bryce Dallas Howard ran away from gigantic killing machines in heals. Enough said.


5 years 11 months ago
lmkmoviemaniac's avatar


Typical Hollywood creature movie driven by the marvelous visual effects & CG. Plenty of monster mayhem with the dinosaurs.

Some family sentiments, brotherly bonding and a little romance amid the 'all hell breaking loose' moments. Must watch on a big screen with the 3D. Tailor-made for theatrical viewing.

‪‎Chris Pratt‬ fits well into the role of the braveheart who leads the rescue missions against the ‪‎Indominus‬. The best moments are obviously when the Indominus is on a rampage, and the final battle between the dinosaurs.

The charm of seeing dinosaurs return !! Decent!
5 years 11 months ago
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I have to say I really enjoyed watching a new sequel after all those years. The first two movies belong to my personal favourites of all time!

The only thing that bothered me was the 'epic' part in the genre. It looked like everything had to die more, be bigger, more explosions... I had really hoped on something better, like the first two films with a good script, good acting and good balance between story and action scenes.

But even still, the movie was really great to watch and the references to the first movie where absolutely great for someone who watched the movies 100 times.
5 years 11 months ago
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Greatly entertaining summer blockbuster that suffers from just a tad too many elements being silly/illogical/bland. Sometimes it seems like Hollywood doesn't want its films to be really good.

Anyway, I cheered to see giant dinosaurs getting on a rampage on the big screen and yes: it oftenly made me feel like a child. Which definitely is worth something.
5 years 8 months ago
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I liked the realism in which the park (minus the contingency plan) was depicted.
5 years 11 months ago
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Fortunately, I watched Peter K. Rosenthal's review before going to see this and it made for a far entertaining experience that ultimately paled in the discovery of a Batman racing game in the movie theater lobby. The depiction of a theme park was incomplete due to an overabundance of fit Caucasians and the severe deficit of other ethnic groups such as a small Asian film crew or the morbidly obese simultaneously hogging and providing shade. It's laughable that not one park goer was able to smuggle in a small arsenal to show those InGen clowns how to handle a situation. This oversights are not minor and greatly add to the enjoyment of a nostalgia trip that is slightly superior to all officially sanctioned tributes to the original.
5 years 11 months ago
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Easily the second best of the franchise. I was skeptical of the Indominous Rex, but it was truly a frightening dino/hybrid. High recommend for this film. Brought back the wonder and awe I felt as a 13 year old back in '93.
5 years 11 months ago

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